Monday, August 16

Visit from Mamaw and Grandpa

I have to say that this is the time of year that I miss Oregon ... A LOT. That heat has been insane. However, I think my southern blood has finally gotten used to it. (Having a pool helps a lot!)

Even though we miss heavenly Portland, the kids being able to see family much more often is awesome. We love the fact that we have all of the grandparents in driving distance. We love the fact that the kids know all of their cousins and will be able to spend holidays with them. ( I say all of this, and we have never owned a house much longer than 2 years. So, I am sure we will know be moving this time next year! HA...Ugh!)

Anyway, we had Mamaw and Grandpa down again this weekend. Ella loves keeping Mamaw busy with projects and coloring. She always has a plan. Will bonded with Grandpa a lot as he learned that Grandpa would give him as many donut holes as he asked for.

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  1. Awww. We really need to coordinate a trip down to Houston with them. Em is so active now I would love to see all the kiddos together!