Saturday, September 24

Saturday, September 10

First Soccer Game of the Year

Go Ladybugs!


Will found a HUGE pile of dirt. He was very happy. Here is the King of the Mountain.

Wednesday, September 7

Spying on Will

I got to school early to pick-up. So, I was able to peek in on him at recess. He loves his Yellow School!

Tuesday, September 6

Time for Soccer to Start

Ella had her first soccer practice of the year today. She was very excited to get started and excited to know more of her team this year. It was mighty hot, but she made it through. Daddy is assistant coaching this year as well.

Sunday, September 4

Charm City

This year we were a part of the Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix. I was not so good at taking pictures, but we had a great time. I have not been back since we moved from there. So, it was really fun to see the old neighborhood. It actually made me miss it. I miss all of the walking so much. That was one thing I loved about living there. We would go for days and not even move the car. Also, I have never even been to a car race. It was a fun experience. We hung out with Mitch and Jen Poindexter a laughed a lot. We also got to visit with Steve and Lynn Nash and meet their fabulous children.