Monday, September 27

Why even have a bed for Will?

Will just amazes me sometimes. I never know what I am going to walk in to when I check on him. Ella has always been very much about her bed. Obviously, Will is not...

Sunday, September 26


Shea was very nice to offer an extra football ticket to the Cowboys vs. Texans game to Brian. Brian had a great time and even seemed to behave. (He was with all Texans fans.) Also, his two favorite Cowboys fans were at the house cheering like crazy! Ella's mouth was even Cowboys blue from eating ice cream.

And... they did it! The Cowboys won!

Friday, September 24

Making Pizzas

The kids made pizzas and had a great time. Hopefully, Ella will add something more than just cheese and black olives one day!

Thursday, September 23

Will's First Masterpiece from School

The color at school this month is pink, and Will brought this beautiful masterpiece home. He said, "I did it. I paint pink." GENIUS!

Sunday, September 19

Evening with the Girls & Kids

Some of our husbands are hunting, some are travelling and some we just left at home. Ha!

Anyway, last night the Kriendler, Williams, Morgenroth, and Hatcher Mommies and kids came over. We let the kids swim and get some energy out. The house is crazy this morning, but it was worth it. We love getting this bunch together.

Friday, September 17

Playdate with a New Friend

Most of you know that Ella is my little social butterfly. She wants to sign up for every activity and wants friends over every minute of every day. Luckily, we live in a great neighborhood with lots of families and go to a what is proving to be a great elementary school.

Yesterday we had over Macy. Macy is in Ella's class and luckily lives one street over from us. Macy was such an angel, and her and Ella had a great time together. She even made me a picture while she was here. We look forward to having Macy over again soon!

Wednesday, September 15

9 years ago today...

Nine years ago today, Brian and I got married. It was the week of September 11th. It was a crazy week. But,  everyone had a great time at the reception. To say the least, it was so nice to be together with those you loved and cared about after a week like that.

Things I remember...
  - Brian and I had just finished redoing our house that had been flooded by Tropical Storm Allison one week after we bought it in June. We were so tired of dealing with it. 
  - Rehearsal dinner at Treebeards. It was perfect.
  - Got a call the morning of the wedding that the photographer was in the hospital. One of her other photographers was going to be there. She said, "So, what exactly are we doing today?". I freaked!
  - Julie picked me up the morning of the wedding. We went to lunch at Jason's Deli quickly before getting pampered.
  - Had the wedding of my dreams.
  - The Hollisters played at the reception.
  - The night of our wedding Brian was told to keep calling to make sure that our plane was going to fly as scheduled to Aruba. So, Brian and Bryan Satterfield stayed up all night drinking Shiner. I was exhausted and slept!
  - We did get to Aruba just fine the next day. Had the flight and the island almost totally free of tourists. Had a great week there!

3 states, several houses, several corporate apartments, 1 great dog, and 2 pretty cute kids later... I love Brian even more today! I can't believe it's been 9 years.

Saturday, September 11

First Soccer Game of the Year

Today was Ella's first soccer game of the year. This year we are playing with Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA), and the kids are all grouped with kids form their school. So, Ella knows most of the faces and gets to make some more good friends from school.

The team name is the Lil' Lionesses, and they were awesome! It was MISERABLY hot, but they stayed in the game. We don't keep score at this age yet, but let's just say that our team scored a lot today!

I told Ella to give me a soccer pose, and this is what I got. Always a priss! And, here is Will giving big sister a good luck squeeze.

Ella was running back from making the first goal of the game. She had an adorable smile on her face and glow in her eye. (Yes, Mommy had a proud tear in her eye.) She was so proud of herself, but what I love even more is that she is so proud when anyone on the team makes a goal. Also, when she sits on the sideline she makes up cheers for the team.

The girls would sit under an umbrella that one of the Daddy's on the ground had for shade. See those red cheeks.. IT WAS HOT!

Friday, September 10

House Updates

I have been working with Christie Chase to make some small updates to the house. They are small updates, but I think they'll make a big difference. Here are a few updates from this week...

WILL'S ROOM...Christie found this great handmade quilt for a steal on Etsy. Then, she made the adorable striped shams piped in orange.

LIVING ROOM... My living room needed a little help. She had us rearrange furniture a few weeks ago. We have finally gotten used to it, but we needed a little pattern. She found some great material and made pillows for in there too.

In the next couple of weeks we'll hang new curtains in the front of the house.

Tuesday, September 7

Labor Day Weekend with Mema

We headed to Bay St. Louis this weekend to spend time with Mom. We had a wonderful time as usual. We went to the beach a lot more than normal this time, helped Mom with some things around the house, visited with friends, and enjoyed the great weather.

Sunday after a fabulous dinner prepared by Mom, of course, we headed to the new Waveland Pier for a walk and to watch the sunset.

Will insisted on bringing the empty bubble container filled with rocks that he was collecting. I am sure all of the people fishing loved the noise that he was making. And, a very nice man let Ella reel in a fish that he was catching. She loved it, but she wouldn't dare touch the fish!


Wednesday, September 1

Will's First Day of School

This week Will started school. I feel that I have been very lucky to keep my babies home until this age, but he is definitely ready now. However, I woke up this morning with the same stomach ache that I woke up with every year that I was in school. With all of the research and asking around that I did I know that he'll be just fine, but I still worry. I have learned that once they start school they begin to grow up so fast. Also, not that they are perfect, but they also come home with some not so great things that they learn at school.

Will is going to Memorial Drive Presbyterian's Children's Day Inn program. He will go Monday & Tuesday, 915am-230pm. This is a bit longer than Ella went. She only went until noon. I liked that much better.

My big boy is ready to go...

We have heard that we got lucky and got 2 of the best teachers at the school. I sure hope they are good. The class is 75% boys!

Will's school gives 'Sunshine Reports' everyday to let you know how the day goes. Here's some things to remember from his first couple of days at school..

Theme... Coming to School/ Making new friends
Language Activities... identify location of items in classroom, name game, numbers, shapes, color-red,
Arts/Crafts... Place Mats & Color Book
Manipulatives... sorting by colors, dress-up, magnets
Creative Movement... Name Game, jump, animal actions
Kid Quote... What would you like to see in your lunch? "Goldfish"
Favorite Activity... outside play, sandbox, cars, and most of all looking at the fish 'Bubble Lou'
Other... Will was happy sweet, and active. He liked to play with all of the toys and was very eager to interact with his friends
Disposition... Happy & Cooperative
He napped both days for about an hour. (this is awesome consider he's never napped anywhere but in a room all my himself)
He's not real interested in eating lunch. The teacher has to keep telling him '3 more bites'. Then, he likes to tell everyone else, "3 more bites. 3 more bites. 3 more bites."