Wednesday, February 24

Chapelwood Rodeo

It's Rodeo Day at school, and the kids got all decked out...


The parade


Margaret Ann, Ella and Emerson

Riding a pony named Star

Emerson and Ella listening and dancing to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" and riding the train

Tuesday, February 23


He will hate me for posting this one day! But, it is just too cute.

Will was apparently ready to party last night.. not got to bed. He was being so cute and funny with us. He found Ella's headband and wanted it on. Then, he was dancing crazy. Brian said he was doing his Flashdance moves. Then, I caught this of him in his Star Wars tent.

750 Pieces!

Ella is a puzzle nut. She has done puzzles up to 250 pieces in little time. She just has an eye for it. Normal people start puzzles .. not Ella. She kind of just picks wherever she wants. Anyway, she got a 750 piece puzzle for Christmas. Daddy did help with this one a good bit too, but she was very proud when they were done.


Playing in the Backyard

We had a very fun weekend. Unfortuneately, I didn't get a whole lot of pictures. We went to a Reckless Kelly with some friends at House of Blues on Friday night. Then, on Saturday the Sheedys came over with Baby Owen. I still can't believe I didn't snap some pics. Ugh!

We did get some cute pics of the kids playing in the backyard during the beautiful weather...

Yes, my cuties are starting to play together more...

And, Ella doing her modeling. We are very afraid!

As Will would say... "Pee-Boo"


Bubbles are always fun! Will pops them, and Ella dances like a princess through them.

Friday, February 19

Beautiful Day

The weather has been gorgeous lately. Thank goodness. We are very tired of Winter! So, we've been going for lots of walks and getting fresh air.

STOP.... Someone was sick of pictures!       


Even the tulips were smiling!

Our latest indoor game.. The Ella Express! (You can buy all the toys in the world, and all they want is the freakin laundry basket.)

Do Do (aka Night Night)

My babies typically go to bed very easy. We are very blessed. And, Will loves to get on Ella's bed. He gets up there pulls the covers up and says, "Do do baby" He's a sweetie!

Brian threatens that he's ready for a big bed. I quickly tell him... NO!

Then, we have the best sleeper in the house. I caught this out back the other day. Ruby loves laying in the sun. Yes, she is sleeping with her head up. 

Monday, February 15

Valentine's Weekend... very busy!

Saturday morning we had a birthday party at the Children's Museum for Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn's Mom, Vanessa, was introduced to me by Sarah Sheedy. Vanessa is the one that told us about Chapelwood, Ella's school, and she has become a great friend. Jacquelyn turned 3, and we had a great time.

Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner with my Dad and Stepmother at Railroad Cafe in Humble. The food was fabulous, and we had a great time. My parents even bought me tulips.. my absolute favorite. Therefore, Brian didn't need to get me any. He can go next week and get some... HA! We were also surprised this weekend when our  Amaryllis that we planted for Christmas finally opened up. 


For Valentine's Day, Daddy also surprised us with a crepe pan and kit. He was worried that I would take this the wrong way, but it was a great gift. I love new kitchen stuff like this and hate to buy them myself. I am getting pretty good at it already. Here are some apricot crepes that I made. Also, here is Ella with her new Scooby-doo movie and coloring book.

On Sunday we had another birthday party. The party was for Lindsey (6) and Lauren (8) Kriendler. It was at a roller skating rink. Ella had never been to one before and loved it! Will did too. Will got to run around, dance, and get carried by Daddy skating. 

On the way there I had an awful headache from drinking too much wine the night before. The sun was so bright, and I was getting frustrated from not being able to find my sunglasses. I looked in the back seat and saw this...

Pictures from the party...



Ella has really been helping us work with Will on his vocabulary. During their bath, she says, "Will can you say  eyes?" And, he says whatever she asks. She goes through several things. Then, I hear her giggling, and she says, "Will can you say booty?" He says it, and she laughs uncontrollably. So, this morning we had to take Daddy to work, and Brian told her how proud we were for helping us with Will's vocabulary. I said, "I just wish that you didn't have to say 'booty' every other time. Ella is always quick to answer, and without hesitation she said, "Well, we were working on body parts." Ugh! I had no answer.

Friday, February 12

Ella's Pre-K Valentine's Party

 Today was Ella's Valentine's Party at school. Peepaw and Nana were able to watch Will so that I could help out and enjoy the festivities. We had a great time. We made Valentine's cards using a picture of each of them, played Valentine's bingo and ate lunch. The kids had a great time.


      Ella and her pre-K crush, R.J.


Ms. Rachel, Mrs. Wheeler and RJ


Thursday, February 11

My boys

Will looks just like his Mommy, but he is A LOT like his Daddy. He has no fear and is all boy! Also, Daddy can get him giggling like nobody else.

Wednesday, February 10

Our new Natalie

For all that don't know, Brian and I had an awful time trying to find a house in Houston. It took much longer than we ever anticipated. Part of the problem was that we absolutely loved our neighborhood and neighbors in Portland. We constantly compared people and streets to that. Ella had a friend across the street in Portland named Natalie. Natalie was a year younger, and they had really started to play great together right before we moved. Isn't that always how it works?!?!? Anyway, when looking at houses Brian and I would constantly say, "Where's Natalie?". We knew we could never replace that neighborhood though. However, as we began preparing for close on the house that we FINALLY found, we were told that the house across the street just sold. They had a 7 & 4 year old girls and 1 year old twin boys. I looked at him and said, "Our new Natalie." Her name is Cate, and she is precious. The truth is that nobody will replace Natalie in Ella's heart, and Cate has a new special place in Ella's heart. Cate and Ella will be in Kindergarten together next year, and the twins will be in school with Will later as well. We could not have asked for better family to be our new neighbors.

The man with many hats..

He's a typical man that loves electronics and the wonders of the iPhone. But, he also has a sensitive side and loves to do art.


Chili for Dinner

Tuesday night we had Nana and Peepaw over for chili. It's always good to see them. Will especially likes to hang out with Peepaw and he gives Will free reign with the colors.. something Mommy RARELY has the patience for. And, Ella loves to tell Nana (or anyone) what to do.


Monday, February 8

Super Bowl Sunday

We tried to take it easy today since we have the Williams' Annual Super Bowl Party to go to for the game. However, we did decide to bring brownies along with my chili for the cook-off. So, we made brownies after lunch. This is the part of having kids that Brian didn't realize was going to happen... sharing the bowl.

Of course, Ella was very excited about the party. She loves to see her friends...

The Princess and the Ninja (aka Parker Williams)                          
 Jessy and Shea (just waiting for baby #2)                    The chili judging...

Will having VERY important conversations with the men...

Great Friends. Great Party. The Saints won. My chili got second place, and Brian won the first quarter of the betting squares. It was a good night!