Monday, February 1


Hello world! Welcome to our new blog. This is created for all of our friends and family to keep with us and to help us remember all of the funny things the kids do and say. Enjoy!

A little taste of the cuteness we see every morning...

FYI... Ella said this is her "fashion" pose.

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  1. Grandkids are absolutely the best, truly a wonderful gift to the people that sweated and worried while raising their parents.
    Mamaw and I were in Target last night and a lady, about 40 or so was saying how she wished she would have had more than two children, she thought babies were wonderful. I mentioned to her that the most wonderful things her kids would do will be giving her grandchildren, that way she will be able to all the things that she didn't with her kids, candy, cookies, lots and lots of Play-Doh. Spoil those grandchildren as much as possible and then send them home to mommy and daddy, what a wonderful gift grandchildren are.