Wednesday, February 10

Our new Natalie

For all that don't know, Brian and I had an awful time trying to find a house in Houston. It took much longer than we ever anticipated. Part of the problem was that we absolutely loved our neighborhood and neighbors in Portland. We constantly compared people and streets to that. Ella had a friend across the street in Portland named Natalie. Natalie was a year younger, and they had really started to play great together right before we moved. Isn't that always how it works?!?!? Anyway, when looking at houses Brian and I would constantly say, "Where's Natalie?". We knew we could never replace that neighborhood though. However, as we began preparing for close on the house that we FINALLY found, we were told that the house across the street just sold. They had a 7 & 4 year old girls and 1 year old twin boys. I looked at him and said, "Our new Natalie." Her name is Cate, and she is precious. The truth is that nobody will replace Natalie in Ella's heart, and Cate has a new special place in Ella's heart. Cate and Ella will be in Kindergarten together next year, and the twins will be in school with Will later as well. We could not have asked for better family to be our new neighbors.

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