Wednesday, February 3

Things to remember...

Will loves his paci. However, now that he is 2, he only gets it at bed/naptime. When it's time for him to go down, we say, "Will, do you want your paci?". He immediately stops whatever he is doing and starts running around saying, "Paci, where you?".

Ella is amazingly good at puzzles. It's a little creepy at times. She can't crank out a 200 piece puzzle in less than an hour along with the fact that she starts in the middle.

Will's favorites are still Dora and Diego (aka Deego). Will has been slow to talk. However, he has counted from 1 to 10 in SPANISH for a while. It's pretty hilarious. Also, his latest is running around saying, "Ariba, Ariba". So, maybe he hasn't been slow to talk. Maybe he's just been speaking Spanish all this time. HA!

Ella loves to be the boss. It gets pretty frustrating to me. However, she is so sweet and encouraging with her friends. I watched her and her best friend Margaret Ann color today. She kept saying, " OH MARGARET ANN, that is so beautiful. What a great picture." She can be quite a priss at times, but then she also makes me very proud.

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