Saturday, March 31

Sydney's 2nd Birthday

We headed to the park to celebrate Sydney's 2nd Birthday. She was cute as button, and we were so glad that we could make it. Ella and Will were also so happy to see their friends that they haven't seen in a while.

Tuesday, March 27

Yellow School Art Show and Family Night

Will enjoyed showing off some of his masterpieces. And Ella was so sweet. She told him, "I love your use of color and especially how you mixed them."

They also rode the train and ate hotdogs. Ella had two. She must be growing right now!

Before we left Will took a picture with sweet Ms. Duffy. (Not sure what's going on with this crazy smile he does right now.)

Saturday, March 24

Gorgeous Day at the Zoo

The kids have been wanting to go to the zoo, and we definitely wanted to enjoy it before it was too hot. today was GORGEOUS. The kids had a blast. Also, we packed a picnic in the car and had a picnic in Hermann Park after the zoo. They loved that so much.

They loved feeding the giraffes.

The carousel is always a hit.

Saturday, March 17