Wednesday, August 31

Will's First Day at the Yellow School

Will changed school this year to the Yellow School. It's still with Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, but they change to this school for the 3's class and up. He was so excited. He had his eye on this playground all last year. He couldn't wait to go to the 'big kid school'.

Bumped into his friend Hannah from last year. She's in his class, and Will is so glad.

He made himself right at home.

Time for Mommy to go. Will, are you sure you're ok without me? Do you even notice that I am leaving?

Will, "Bye Mom".


Monday, August 29

Fun Day

Ice Cream Sundaes after school

Ella got Queen for the Day. Ms. Jackson gives each of them a day. They get to learn all about the person of the day and draw a picture and write about why they like that person. The Queen or King comes home with a very special book made up of the pages made by their classmates.

Daddy and Will reading before bed. Will has this one memorized.

Monday, August 22

Ella's First Day of 1st Grade

Mommy was a little emotional this year. She has grown up so fast. She is so confident and independent. I am so very proud, but it is hard for a Mommy to let her fly. She was so ready for school to start. She know everything about the school now and gets how everything works. Again, she's grown up so fast. Ugh.

She's so proud!

Walking to school with the Gregory girls

 Our teacher gift for the first day

Thursday, August 18

Monday, August 15

Day 2

 Love waking up to this

                                                                              Go Daddy!

Saturday, August 13

Friday, August 12

First Night at the Lake

After Blue Bell we headed to Lake Travis to unpack and meet up with the Kriendlers and Grabbes. The kids were so ready to get out on the boat. We went out to eat on the lake and swam in the lake after dinner.

 Will loved feeding the catfish by the restaurant.

Blue Bell

We headed to Austin today for our annual Lake Travis trip. However, we were able to get out of town early and surprise the kids with a trip to Blue Bell.

First, we stopped for some yummy Chappell Hill. Ella loved it. Sausage, green beans and buttered roll. What else could you ask for?

The normal joy of eating out with Will. He did eat decent, but then he discovered pickles. He decided he wanted more of those. He's very strange about food.

This is natural PURE JOY for all 3 of my children. They were very excited.

The tour was great. Then, we were treated to a free scoop of ice cream. Ella ordered mint chocolate chip. Will got vanilla. Brian got buttered pecan. And, I got a seasonal special.. homeade vanilla with fresh Texas peaches. Mine was FABULOUS! Brian agreed.

Guess who did NOT want to take a picture?

Thursday, August 11


This week Ella did the Theatre Under the Stars camp. She did it with her friend Madie again. They performed the Lion King and had a blast.


Tuesday, August 9

Our Day at the Aquarium

It was unbelievably hot, but I had promised the kids a trip to the aquarium. The Houston aquarium really is mostly a restaurant. So, there's not a lot inside, but the outside is like a carnival. The kids loved the carousel and ferris wheel. Mommy was scared to death on the ferris wheel, but I survived. We also brought the kids swimsuits to play in the water fountain. They had a blast.

Friday, August 5

Ella's Dance Camp

Ella participated in dance camp at Houston Dance Academy this year. They performed Barbie Mariposa. She loved the camp and especially loved doing it with her friend Madie.

My photographer getting ready

The fairies are getting ready.

They just loved it.

Do you see a fairy flying by?                                  Very happy at the end with her flowers