Tuesday, March 30

Owen Michael Sheedy

We have met and hung out with Owen Sheedy several times now, but we were so lucky to see him again this weekend. He's already growing so fast!

                   BIG yawn on Brian                                           Love this face


Cate's Dress-Up Party

Our neighbor Cate celebrated her 5th birthday by having a dress-up party. The girls had a blast and looked fabulous!

Dancing away...


Ella has started T-Ball. We are not sure how long this will last with Ella. The heat is coming, and we know Ella does NOT like heat. The girls we pretty darn cute though. And, they just thought it was hilarious that the first game was against the Chapelwood boys.


Look at that swing....                                   

Yes, the game is going on, and there they are just chatting away.

Friday, March 26

Ella's Field Trip

Ella's class went to the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire. The kids had a great time and learned a lot. Ella loved seeing the flowers, butterflies, birds and the bunny.

Ella grossed out by something with mosquitos...            

Ella and Jade....


Mrs. Wheeler's Class

Top Step... Berkley, Jade, Santiago, Ella, RJ, Ben
Middle Step...Scarlett, Sophie, Sophia, Michael, Spencer
Bottom Step... Aidan, Emerson


Will woke up in a really bad mood on Thursday. He didn't want Daddy to mess with him, but when Daddy left he was totally heartbroken. I couldn't help but to snap this.

He's just soooo silly....

There isn't much to say about this one.... just Will being silly. Yes, those are upside down Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses.

Monday, March 22

Spring Break

For Spring Break we headed down to Mississippi with the Schwertners to see Mom. It was a great week. The first weekend we went to the St. Patrick's Parade in Bay St. Louis. It was the perfect crowd for the kids. They had a blast...

Here are some recent pics of Mom's house. Most of you that are close to me know the ordeal that getting this house done has been, but it came out beautiful. We are so excited to go there to spend time with Mom for a very long time. 

Finally, a fireplace... Ugh! One of the many stories.


One of my favorite spots in the house. You can see my little man overlooking the water on the back porch.

The moment that made me so incredibly proud to be sweet little Kate's Godmother. She loves boiled crabs. It's like she's meant to be mine!

The girls at the Waveland Pharmacy Soda Fountain.

Love this... Aunt EC and Mom amazed by Will playing his games on my iPhone. 

Friday, March 12

Flower Girl Fitting

Yes, I got a little teary. Ella and I had a girl afternoon as we had lunch and went to pick-up her flower girl dress. She was so happy. (the sash was just temporary. Jennifer is having one made.)

Monday, March 8

Like Father Like Son...

Brian got a headlamp last year sometime. I can't even remember what he got it for, but he thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I laugh and make fun of him a lot. But, the truth is that I kind of like it... at least I don't have to hold the flashlight as much during projects!

This weekend Will got a hold of the prized possession. He knew exactly what to do.

Dinner with Mamaw and Grandpa

Grandpa and Mamaw were down from Dallas for Jennifer's bridal shower. Then, we went out to a yummy dinner at Goode Co Seafood before Mommy and Daddy got to go the movies... (it's been years since we've done that!)

Jennifer's Bridal Shower

This weekend we had a bridal shower for Jennifer. Jennifer is marrying Brian's cousin, Eric, in April. And, they asked Ella to be a flower girl. To say the least, Ella is VERY excited.

It was a very nice shower. No surprise, Ella made a friend immediately. Jennifer's cousin, Reagan, and Ella played together and are excited that they will see each other again at the wedding.

Sunday, March 7

Parker's Birthday

Some cute pics from Parker William's 5th birthday...

Tuesday, March 2

Back to Life

Sorry for the lack of posts, but the Davisons have been a bit under the weather. It started with Will and Ella both getting ear infections and pink eye. Then, Mom and Dad came down with horrible sinus infections.

As of Sunday, we were definitely on the mend and enjoyed the good weather. Here are some shots of us enjoying the sun and fresh air after church...

Will running  (as usual)


Ella posing (as usual)

                  The boys...                                      Will in his race car PJs and his Princess wand. Poor thing!