Thursday, June 30

Notice a Pattern?

One thing that I have definitely learned about little boys... they love taking off their clothes. 

Tuesday, June 28

Let's Go Rangers

The Rangers were town to play the Astros. So, the Davison family had to load up and head to the ball field. I knew Will really needed a nap today since we'd be up late, but he didn't agree. So on the way to the game we looked in the back and saw this...

Once his cat nap was over, we headed into to the ballpark.

Some serious baseball talk between Daddy and Ella

Boys and their toys

Two silly kids!

More junk food? Yes. A ridiculously big snoball. 

The boys give the Rangers a high five.

Last but not least, Momma's reason to watch baseball.... CJ Wilson.

Sunday, June 19

Concan 2011

This was our second trip to Concan with a big group of friends. There were 16 adults and 18 kids. While the trip is a lot of work to get ready for I think we're getting better at it.The kids have an absolute blast, and the adults have a blast too.

It was mighty hot this year. So, the river felt very nice.

Also, the kids had freeze dance parties every night before bed. Ella is still talking about how fun that was.

Monday, June 13

Summer Fun

Just some fun in the pool with Madie and Naomi.

Sunday, June 12

Brian's 39th Birthday

A few weeks before Brian's birthday we were at a tailor's getting him fitted for come custom shirts.We purchased the package at this year's school auction. The nice man who owned the shop had obviously done this for a long time. He guessed Brian's height and weight almost exactly. Then, the young man who worked for him suggested that he should work for the carnival. We laughed. Then, Brian laughingly said he should go for the trifecta and guess his age. The gentlman said, "38". Brian told him that was pretty good as he was about to turn 38 in a couple of weeks. I kept my mouth shut. A few minutes later I called Brian over to where I was standing with the kids and explained that he was 38 and about to turn 39. His perplexed face was priceless. Yes, I was right. He was about to turn 39.

For Brian's birthday this year we headed out to Lupe's for some fajitas and margaritas with the Poindexter's. The kids had fun in the sandbox. After lunch we went back to the house for Brian's favorite cake that we made for him. And he was very surprised by his present this year... an Apple iPad.

Saturday, June 4

The Biar Boys Turn 3

We all headed to a great birthday party for the twins at fire department for The Villages. We all had a great time.

A Weekend Guest

Ella was delighted to come home from her last day of school to find out that we were going to have a weekend guest. She was going to get to help take care of Caden. Caden is the extremely smart chocolate lab of our friends Misty and Chad. Ella was so happy and had so many plans for her and Caden. She usually makes these plans but most dogs do not play along with Ella so much. Caden was awesome though. Ella woke up bright and early every morning and took Caden out to catch the ball. Like most labs Caden is obsessed with the ball. So, Ella was her best friend.

Brian was out of town when Caden came over. He told me not to let the dog in the pool as she probably wouldn't get out... leave to much hair... blah blah blah. As you can tell, I didn't listen. However, I wasn't too bad. I let her in just a couple of times. Ella taught Caden to drop the ball in the pool to her, and she would throw it out in the yard for Caden to retrieve. They both loved the game.

The next afternoon when I got home I walked outside to find this while Brian and Will were in the pool...

I asked Brian why Caden was in the pool. He said that she must have 'fallen in'. Ha. She was so happy.

Will got out of the pool. Before I knew it, he was naked... again. Ugh. The funny thing was he was playing fetch with Caden. Caden did not mind at all that he was naked as long as he kept throwing the ball!

Thursday, June 2

Last Day of School

Our last walk to school of the year...

Wednesday, June 1

Ella's Kindergarten Graduation and Beach Day

Bunker Hill has a tradition of having Beach Day for the Kindergartner's at the end of the school year. Before that begins they have a little graduation ceremony and sing some songs. It was so cute, and Ella was very excited.

Some silly faces waiting in the hall to head out to the fun...

A very proud Mommy

Ella and Madie

Ella and Zahwah

Ella's favorite part..The Big Slide.

Alexa coming down the Slip 'n Slide

Ms. Perry having JCI with the girls.