Sunday, June 12

Brian's 39th Birthday

A few weeks before Brian's birthday we were at a tailor's getting him fitted for come custom shirts.We purchased the package at this year's school auction. The nice man who owned the shop had obviously done this for a long time. He guessed Brian's height and weight almost exactly. Then, the young man who worked for him suggested that he should work for the carnival. We laughed. Then, Brian laughingly said he should go for the trifecta and guess his age. The gentlman said, "38". Brian told him that was pretty good as he was about to turn 38 in a couple of weeks. I kept my mouth shut. A few minutes later I called Brian over to where I was standing with the kids and explained that he was 38 and about to turn 39. His perplexed face was priceless. Yes, I was right. He was about to turn 39.

For Brian's birthday this year we headed out to Lupe's for some fajitas and margaritas with the Poindexter's. The kids had fun in the sandbox. After lunch we went back to the house for Brian's favorite cake that we made for him. And he was very surprised by his present this year... an Apple iPad.

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