Monday, June 28

Ugh! Head Injury.

On Sunday night we had the wonderful Lindsey Kriendler. Her and Ella are a lot alike and have a lot of fun together. Monday morning after going to the park in the heat we came back to jump in the pool. I went in the back to change and the kids were watching a TV show. Then, Lindsey comes in the back and says, "Mrs. Amanda, Will hit Ella with a toy." I told her I was getting my swimsuit on and would be right there. Then, I began to hear Ella cry, and Lindsey comes back again and said, "Mrs. Amanda, there's blood." Of course, I dash to the living room and see blood all of the side of her head. Apparently, Will (aka "The Issue") had thrown his play saw at her in an effort to get her attention and got her just right in the side of her head just above her ear. It was a small wound that required one staple in the end. But, it was very interesting getting out the door with three kids that were in swimsuits and one that, of course, had just made a dirty diaper. Great timing!

After being in the ER for about 30 minutes, my fabulous sitter came to pick up Will. Then, me and the girls sat there for an hour. Ella and Lindsey were wonderful. But, Ella looked horrible with a side of her head covered in red. Finally, I called her doctor's office and asked what I should do. They said it was up to me but they could take care of it in the office too, but I didn't have an appointment and would have to wait there too. I was willing to take my chances. So, we headed to the doctor's office which was 10 minutes away and was out of there in 15 minutes. Lesson learned!

Saturday, June 26

Dinner Club #2

When we left Houston 7 years ago we were one of four couples that had started a Dinner Club. It was tons of fun but apparently did not last long after we left. So, upon our return I was told that we should resurrect it. We decided this time to make it much bigger as with busy schedules we knew that it would be rare that everyone could make it. It's 8 couples and we do it every other month. Brian and I hosted the first one in April and had 10 people. This month was hosted by Jason and Joanna Williams and 8 people were there. They made tri-color tomato salad, shrimp and grits with sauteed spinach and peach and blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous! (Brian said this thing would fall apart. So,  I am very glad that two have happened so far!)

Quinn's 3rd Birthday Party

One of the many reasons that it's good to be home is that we now get to go to so many things for the children of our close friends. Ella has become very close to them (and finally knows everyone's name..that's AMAZING for her!). This weekend we got invited to Quinn Morgenroth's 3rd birthday party. It's was a Pirates and Princesses Pool Party at the Bellaire Aquatic Center. It was a fabulous spot for a party. The kids had a blast. Also, this was Ella's first waterslide of decent height. She was so proud and did it over and over and over and over. She is swimming so good.


Precious birthday girl!

Friday, June 25

Dance Camp 2010

Ella had Dance Camp this week at Memorial Dance. This is the same studio that she took tap and ballet this year. The camp was one week 9am-12pm, and she loved it. They performed 4 numbers in ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop. Of course, she loved it! She will take ballet, tap and jazz there in the Fall.


Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

Well, no pictures from Father's Day, but we had a great day. We swam for a while and had a burgers with my Dad and stepmother for dinner. I feel very lucky to have been surrounded by such wonderful Fathers. I was blessed with a wonderful Daddy and a fabulous stepfather as well. I really missed Mr. Buddy this year. I know he is in heaven watching over all of us and laughing at his crazy grandchildren though.

Now, I am so lucky to have a husband that loves his kids more than anything. He truly loves hanging out with them.  Most of the time he is more of a kid then them. He is more of a hands-on Daddy than I could have ever asked for. I am very lucky!

Saturday, June 19

Ella's Turn

Will went to the Rangers vs Astros on Friday. So, Ella and Daddy went to the game on Saturday. Ella was all decked out in her Rangers gear, screamed for them constantly and ate lots of junk food with Daddy. She had a blast!


Friday, June 18

Girls Night Out and Boys Night Out

Ella and I headed to Lake Jackson to see my precious goddaughter Kate and her beautiful sister Meghan in their dance recital. We had a great time and the girls did wonderful.


While we were in LJ, Brian took Will to his first baseball game. The Rangers were in town. Brian had hopes of Will lasting 3 innings, but he surprised him by lasting 4. He was a handful (as usual) but was as good as could be expected. The many moods...

Just watching the game...

Looking for trouble...

Mad (probably just got in trouble)...

Sunday, June 13

Brian's Birthday Weekend

Daddy's birthday was on Saturday, and we had a nice weekend at home. We swam and grilled in the afternoon. Ella and I made Daddy's favorite cake, yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, and we made homeade vanilla ice cream. Everything came out great. Daddy had a great 38th birthday.


Friday, June 11

Schwertner Sleepover

We had the Schwertners spend the night, and Ella LOVED it. Scott and Kristen were flying out the next day so they came to stay with us before they left. Kristen even bought Ella some PJs to match the girls. Too sweet! Here they are the next morning after giggling past 10 o'clock. The next day the girls swam and had a great time with us before leaving. We hope they will come back to play and stay again this summer!

Tuesday, June 8

Annual Trip to Lake Travis

We headed out to Austin for our annual trip to Lake Travis with the Grabbes and Kriendlers. This is only our second year to go, but it is quickly becoming one of our favorite trips.We rented a different house this year. I think we all agreed that we liked last year's house a little better, but this house had a pool. And, that was a definite plus for keeping the kids entertained. Todd had his boat all ready with wakeboard, tube, and a new surfboard. We had a great time. We did not get enough pictures at all though. Ella did ride the tube and had a great time. However, we were usually busy dealing with the wild man. So, the camera did not come out enough. Here are a few fun ones though...


Tuesday, June 1


When Will gets in trouble he always seems to get hurt too. We are all onto his little scam....
   Will, "Hurt. Hurt. Hurt. I cry. Hurt"
   Ella, "Will, you are not hurt, and I am NOT kissing it."

Today in the pool I was trying something on Will. Ella was at the side of the pool about to do one her thousands of tricks or performances...
     Ella kept saying, "Mommy Mommy are you ready? Mommy Mommy are you ready? Mommy Mommy"
     I finally said, "Ella, do I look like I am ready? Does it look like I can see you?"
     She said, "Yes"
     I said, "Ella, my back is to you. How can I possibly see you?"
     She said, "You have eyes in the back of your head. That's what you told me once.".
     ( She NEVER forgets a thing!)