Monday, October 31

Halloween Night

The kids were so ready to go trick or treating. They were so polite. We were very proud.

We always have to make sure and stop at the Gregory's. Will loves getting candy from Lillian.

 They had to show how heavy the loot was.

Saturday, October 29

Fall Cooking

With Fall comes lots of baking. The kids helped me make our favorite... Valerie's Pumpkin Bread.

Friday, October 28

Will's Halloween Parade

The Yellow School has the kids dress-up in the their Halloween costumes and have a parade for the parents. The kids were adorable. Here comes my little puppy...

Monday, October 24

Our Annual Pumpkin Painting

The Biar kids joined us for the fun this year. I even joined in the fun and did a monogram

Saturday, October 22

Visit to Dallas.. The Arboretum

The Arboretum is my absolute favorite thing to do in Dallas. It is always so gorgeous. The kids just love running around, and it is so great for all of to get some fresh air. This time it was all decked out for Fall. We even met up with Sue, Rachel and Em to visit for a bit.

Friday, October 21

Visit to Dallas... Part 2

Next up... The Texas State Fair. Lots of fun was had. We had the original corn dog (yum yum), rode lots of rides, and saw lots of stuff. The kids loved the petting zoo and the spinning ride with Daddy. We also rode the log ride all together and got splashed. They loved that. And, they came out giggling like crazy from the Bubble House.

Daddy and Will rode in one end of the big boat. Ella insisted on riding the at the opposite end. She had a blast.

Vist to Dallas.. Part 1

We headed to Dallas this weekend to see Mamaw and Grandpa. We also had several things planned while we were there. First, we went up to Mamaw's old office to see some wonderful ladies that Brian has known since he was little. We toured around the building and had a great visit.

Saturday, October 15

Will's New Bed

Will's room is in transition right now. It was finally time to get rid of our fabulous crib/toddler bed. Sniff Sniff. Our babies have grown up. Will got a pretty cool low bunk bed. We are still doing some modifications, but he is already loving it. Ella had a sleepover.

Friday, October 14

Finally... Beautiful Weather

The weather turned absolutely beautiful. We can finally be outdoors again. So, we headed to City Centre to eat and hang out with the Hatchers. It was a bit crowded, but we had a great time.

Will had a little accident and was not real happy.

Ella, Logan and Luke got to do a little painting.

Thursday, October 13

Funny Story

Today Will got in the car and immediately said, "Mom, we do NOT drink from the toilet. That is SO yucky!"

My stomach dropped. I said, "That's right we do not drink, touch or do anything with toilet water. Did you do something with toilet water?"

Will, "No. Lilly drank toilet water."

I was grossed out, but I continued questioning and drilling in that we do not. He seemed to understand.

When we picked up Ella at school, Will told her the story and she about threw up and then began to giggle when she was sure that Will did not.

That night we were all in the living room. Ella and I were playing Connect Four. Daddy was watching the Rangers (the usual), and Will was just being silly (the usual). I said, "Will, tell Daddy what happened at school." He told him and Brian had the exact reaction I did. Brian was grossed out and began questioning him the same way that I did. Then, I said, "Will, you don't want to drink out of the toilet because then the girls won't want to kiss you." Daddy agreed and reiterated that point... "If you drink toilet water, the girls will definitely not want to kiss you." Then, Ella under her breath said...

"Well, Lilly might."

We fell on the floor laughing.

Saturday, October 8

Will and the Biar Boys

William, Will and Pierce watching their big sisters play soccer.

Wednesday, October 5

Tuesday, October 4

Kirby's Barber Shop

We have and old time barber shop right near the house. It's an old time shop that was bought by someone a few years ago and updated in only in a few areas. They still offer all of the old time services, but they offer the ability to book online etc. I thought it was time to move away from the little kid hair place. So, Will and I headed to Kirby's Barber Shop. Will loved it. I definitely think it's a place that Brian will start to take him, but we had to get his hair cut for school pictures.

Saturday, October 1