Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year 2012

A quiet evening at Mema's.for New Year's Eve. The kids loved the fireworks that Daddy bought... as usual!

Thursday, December 29

Beautiful Weather on the Beach

We really lucked out this year for our New Year's on the coast. The weather has been amazing. Will loved his hammock time....

And, this afternoon headed to the beach for some lunch and fun.

Wednesday, December 28

New Orleans for the Day

We headed over the New Orleans for the day. First, we picked up Christian, and then we went to eat at Mandina's for lunch... yum yum yum! We did some shopping and went to Storyland in City Park. The kids loved it.

                             Posing with Blue Dog                      Will on the bar at Mandina's.. only in New Orleans

Mema took the kids back to Bay St. Louis in the afternoon, and Brian and I went out for the evening. We had a fantastic meal at Muriel's and the went to Frenchmen Street to listen to some music. We had a great night.

Monday, December 26

WIll Turns 4

Will was so excited to wake up to a table full of birthday presents. As usual, we jumped in the car and headed to Mema's. 


Will doing some serious work on his new Learning New Laptop.

 Mema had a cake waiting for the little man. He loved it!


The kids loved the new plasma car that Mema got too!

Sunday, December 25

Christmas 2012

This year Ella begged and begged for an XBox. Santa did finally decide to go with it. Santa set it up upstairs and had a present under the tree with some goodies for it. They (and Daddy) love it!

We went over to Janie's for Christmas lunch. Will had begged for a Learning Laptop that he kept seeing on TV. He was not too upset but confused as to why he didn't get it from Santa. But, he was so surprised that Mamaw and Grandpa sent it to Janie's for him!

Saturday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Christmas PJs were unwrapped, and Daddy read The Night Before Christmas...

And everything is ready....

Friday, December 23

Thursday, December 22

Christmas PJ Party

Joanna and Jason were nice enough to throw a spur of the moment Christmas PJ Party. The kids loved it.

Wednesday, December 21

Tuesday, December 20

Kate and Meghan's Visit Christmas 2011

We were able to get Kate and Meghan for a night over Christmas break again this year. It's so fun when we have them around. The kids have gotten so close that they often interact like siblings.. it's pretty funny.

We went to Sky High, a brand new huge indoor trampoline place, decorated cookies, and had a sleepover.

Sunday, December 18

The Nutcracker 2011

Mommy and Ella headed to our annual trip to see the Nutcracker. We went to Allegro Ballet again in Houston. The performance was fabulous, and Ella even had some friends in it this year.

                  All dressed up and ready to go.                     Ella loves seeing Mrs. Carla in all of her costumes.

                          We even bumped in Quinn before we took pictures with Mikaela and Jade.


Friday, December 16

Ella's 7th Birthday Party

Ella had a sleepover for the first time this year for her party. We first went to the mall. Everyone made a Build a Bear. Then, we ate some dinner. For dessert, we went to Ooh La La. Everyone picked out whatever they wanted. Then, they sang to Ella. She loved it.

Ready for Christmas Parties

Wednesday, December 7

Ella's 7th Birthday

Ella was so excited this morning. She LOVED the balloons on the door. I think we've started a new tradition with that. It went over really well. Also, she loved the balloons and streamers on her chair on her stool in the kitchen surrounded by presents.

Ella was begging for a Password Journal.
 Apparently 7 year olds have lots of things that they need to keep secret.

 She got a new Nutcracker and outfit from Mema.

She got a gingerbread house shirt from Grandpa and Mamaw.

Ella in her birthday outfit...ready for school!

I went to school and brought lunch for Ella. Then, we brought donuts for the class. Ella's favorite.

We headed to Carrabba's for dinner. Ella loves spaghetti. They sang Happy Birthday in Italian. She loved it.

We came home her favorite cake. Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip.

Tuesday, December 6

They grow up too fast

Tomorrow our baby girl turns 7. It's amazing. She's so big. She loves school, sports, dance and friends. She is still a busy little thing just like she was as a baby. She's always got a plan and is always looking for a new adventure. I hope she always has this fire in her.

This is what she'll wake up to tomorrow....