Wednesday, March 30

Weekend with the Poindexter Boys

This weekend we were lucky enough to babysit two precious pups. We had Mugsy and Jack. They are the boxers of Mitch and Jennifer Poindexter. We really enjoyed having them here.

We did have a little issue with Mugsy. Ha. Here he is BUSTED on the front couch again.

Tuesday, March 29

Ella Lost Her First Tooth

Ella's tooth has been lose for weeks. The dentist told her a few weeks ago that she really needed to work on it and she has. I went to school today to eat lunch with Ella. I made her pull on some fries in the front. She got it really good once. So, I convinced her to go see the nurse on our way back, because she wouldn't let me near it. It was hanging. The nurse pulled it out with floss. She was a little scared, but she handled it pretty well.The new teeth are actually coming in behind the bottom two. So, we are very anxious to get those out so that the new teeth can move into place.

Saturday, March 26

Cooking with Mamaw

Mamaw and Grandpa planned to come down this weekend to go to Ella's first softball game. However, Ella wasn't quite over her stomach virus and didn't make it to the game. They didn't care. They just wanted some time with the kids.

Mamaw and Ella making Potato Salad

Friday, March 25

Back to School = Back to Germs

It was a little rough getting back into the swing of things after Spring Break, but the kids were very ready to get back to their teachers and friends. Unfortunately Ella came down with a stomach virus on Thursday. She missed school on Friday and her first softball game on Saturday. It was pretty rough and took her a while to get back to herself.

As most Mommies know with these things you are running around like crazy.. taking care of the sick and cleaning constantly. While I was running back and forth in the house the little man was actually entertaining himself. He was still in his PJs, but when I walked into the living room I saw this...

Pants gone, Ella's softball socks on and 100% proud

He also made this with the magnets. I was pretty impressed since he usually doesn't stay still to do anything.

 Being crazy is exhausting...

Saturday, March 19

Spring Break #6

We headed to the park this morning. We have been very lucky this week. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We have spent a lot of time outside, and the kids have actually gotten along pretty well.

In the late afternoon we went to Baby Reese's 1st birthday party. The kids had a great time, and Reese especially loved her cake.

Ella and the birthday girl

Lindsey, Ella and Ryan

This is what happens when you give a three year old too much sugar and try to get a picture. 

Friday, March 18

The Bed of Chaos

Lately Will thinks he needs just about everything in his room in his bed to go to sleep. This is what I walked in on during naptime today. He had the whole family of monkeys, 5 books, Woody, his glowing turtle, a tinkerbell sleeping bag, his elephant bookends and no telling what else.

Thursday, March 17

Spring Break #5 - St. Patty's Day

We headed to the zoo today. To say the least, it was absolute chaos. We lasted barely 3 hours and it felt like 3 days. the kids had fun, but they were ready to leave too. They laughed at the monkeys and loved the tigers. We even found a pack of Hatcher monkeys. You never know who you'll run into at the zoo!

Check out the wold animal peaking through.

(Thanks Nana for Ella's cute shirt!)

Can't get the Rodeo out of the Little Cowboy

Too cute. This morning Will came out with Daddy's boots. He said, "Look Mommy. I'm a cowboy." I just had to snap a pic.

Wednesday, March 16

Spring Break #4

Today the kids had dentist appointments. I have been so lucky that my kids love the dentist. They are so good. They take very good care of their teeth. Of course, I am very thankful that they drink little to no juice and absolutely no soft drinks. I hope these healthy habits continue!

Ella has two loose teeth right now. The two on the bottom. She is very excited about the tooth fairy coming.

Tuesday, March 15

Spring Break #3

Today we decided to lay low. Ella had a little upset stomach. (probably from the junk food yesterday) However, we did hear the ice cream truck. I gave in and let them run out to get something. Neither one of them ate much of it at all, but they had a great time.

This evening Brian and I were invited to see KISS at the rodeo with our neighbors, the Biars. We had awesome seats and had a great time. Of course, Mom made the comment, "That doesn't sound very rodeo." No. The rodeo has definitely changed since we used to go to it. It used to just be Kenny Rogers, Alabama, The Gatlin Brothers, etc. Now, you get a mix of everything.

Monday, March 14

Spring Break #2

Daddy took off today so that we could head to the rodeo. However, the weather forecast did not look good, but we were determined to make it work. Some thought we were crazy, but by the end of the day we looked like the smartest people in town. The storm didn't come until after we were in the Reliant Center, and it stopped when we were ready to hit the carnival. That made for no lines and lots of fun!

We spent a total of 9 hours there. They did great. The long day didn't hit any of us until we got to the car.

The kids loved their pony rides.

We saw newborn piglets and petted several rabbits.

Ella loved the petting zoo. There was a baby goat that she held forever. The goat started chewing on her skirt and she thought it was hilarious. Mommy and Daddy kept telling her to stop him, but she would just laugh.

Both of the kids picked out new hats, but the little cowboy did not want a picture.

There was a butterfly garden as well. Will loved holding the butterflies.

The carnival is always a huge hit. Here they are in their new hats and sliding down the super slide. They did the slides a lot.

Pawpaw would've loved this one.

Ella always loves doing these. She cracks me up.

The airbrush tattoos were a huge hit. Since it was Spring Break I let them keep it an extra day. We were very careful during the bath tonight. They were very concerned. 

Sunday, March 13

Spring Break #1

We started our stay at home Spring Break with a bang. The Schwertners came up for a visit. We headed out to eat and play at Clay's Restaurant. Then, they spent the night. The kids absolutely LOVE having them here. They are great guests.

Friday, March 11

Somebody's Looking Like a Big Boy

Growing up too fast...

Saturday, March 5

Bunkerhill Awesome 80's Auction

Tonight Brian and I attended to big annual PTA fundraiser for Ella's school. We had a great time. It's was hilarious to see everyone all dressed up like the 80's.