Monday, March 14

Spring Break #2

Daddy took off today so that we could head to the rodeo. However, the weather forecast did not look good, but we were determined to make it work. Some thought we were crazy, but by the end of the day we looked like the smartest people in town. The storm didn't come until after we were in the Reliant Center, and it stopped when we were ready to hit the carnival. That made for no lines and lots of fun!

We spent a total of 9 hours there. They did great. The long day didn't hit any of us until we got to the car.

The kids loved their pony rides.

We saw newborn piglets and petted several rabbits.

Ella loved the petting zoo. There was a baby goat that she held forever. The goat started chewing on her skirt and she thought it was hilarious. Mommy and Daddy kept telling her to stop him, but she would just laugh.

Both of the kids picked out new hats, but the little cowboy did not want a picture.

There was a butterfly garden as well. Will loved holding the butterflies.

The carnival is always a huge hit. Here they are in their new hats and sliding down the super slide. They did the slides a lot.

Pawpaw would've loved this one.

Ella always loves doing these. She cracks me up.

The airbrush tattoos were a huge hit. Since it was Spring Break I let them keep it an extra day. We were very careful during the bath tonight. They were very concerned. 

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