Friday, March 25

Back to School = Back to Germs

It was a little rough getting back into the swing of things after Spring Break, but the kids were very ready to get back to their teachers and friends. Unfortunately Ella came down with a stomach virus on Thursday. She missed school on Friday and her first softball game on Saturday. It was pretty rough and took her a while to get back to herself.

As most Mommies know with these things you are running around like crazy.. taking care of the sick and cleaning constantly. While I was running back and forth in the house the little man was actually entertaining himself. He was still in his PJs, but when I walked into the living room I saw this...

Pants gone, Ella's softball socks on and 100% proud

He also made this with the magnets. I was pretty impressed since he usually doesn't stay still to do anything.

 Being crazy is exhausting...

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