Sunday, April 29

Spring Soccer

Ella decided to play soccer in the Spring instead of softball this year. Also, due to some team changes Brian got pushed into coaching again. Ella is really improving. It's fun to see the girls really start to work together more and more.

Saturday, April 28

Running for the Arts

Spring Branch Education Foundation puts on a 5K every year to raise money. They also have a 1K for the little ones. Several of us with little ones did that one since no strollers or bikes are allowed.

Before the race, we discovered that Ella is quite good at the hullahoop. Ella saw Caitlin after she finished the 5K. Ella was very impressed.

 Posing before the run and Ella with Madie

Daddy and Will make it to the finish line!

Wednesday, April 25

WIll's Early Morning Playdate

Today I chaperoned Ella's field trip early before Will could go to school. So, Will went to hang out with his friend Sara for a bit. They are big buddies!

My Little Sweet Man

Sunday, April 22

Mema Turns 60

Today my Mom turned 60. I am so lucky to have a Mom that is so smart, beautiful and loves us all so much. It's been a rough few years for her since Mr. Buddy has passed away, but she had gotten through it so well. She has done everything he would want... finish their dream home, live life to the fullest, have fun and always look to the future. She also takes incredibly good care of herself and looks fabulous. In fact, Ella said to her friend Alexa today, "I can't believe my Mema turns 60 today. She only looks 30." She is so wise for only being 7 years old!

I did get a little creative. We made this into a card and sent it to Mema. She loved it!

Saturday, April 21

Spring Fling 2012

We had a great year at BHE's Spring Fling this year. The weather was gorgeous. Will loved the blow up activities, and Ella loved running around with her friends.

Saturday, April 14

Memorial Markettes Show

We were invited to go with some of Ella's friends to see the Memorial Markettes in their spring show. We had dinner and then dessert at Ooh La La. Yum!

Caitlin, Katelyn, Madie, Ella, Naomi and Alexa

Ella and Madie posing as usual

Friday, April 13

Friday Night Camp Out

The kids have been planning a camp out upstairs all week. So, after soccer practice they ran to quickly take a bath and were ready to build the tent upstairs. There was no telling how this would turnout. However, they were so exhausted that they crashed. Cuteness!

Sunday, April 8

Easter Sunday

The kids were so excited about their baskets. The biggest hit was the butterfly garden. They are so ready to start it.

What a beautiful day. We went to mass at St. Clare right on the water. The kids were very good eventhough we had to stand since it was so crowded. I attempted to get a serious picture right after church... that didn't happen.

 The kids just had to see the beach one more time. 

Saturday, April 7

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

We had a fabulous Easter egg hunt with the Marshall family. There were enough eggs for about 10 kids. So, the four of them got several baskets full. Also, the Marshalls put change and dollars in some of the eggs. The kids LOVE this new tradition.

 After the hunt we took Mema out to a wonderful dinner at Dempsey's. Yum!

Lunch at the Beach

The water was a little cold as was the breeze, but we promised the kids some beach time. They had a blast and went crazy. Ella was busy with building projects. Will was just crazy. For lunch we had a picnic. The kids always love that. Will was then cold and snuggled with Mommy. Ella was buried in the sand by Daddy. She loved it. 

Friday, April 6

Fort Pike

We headed to the coast for Easter this year. The weather has been amazing. So, we thought it would be a good time for a trip to Mema's.

Ella has not quit talking about a Fort that her Daddy saw last time that we came down. However, they could not tour it because they were using it to film a movie at the time. However, this time it was open! The kids loved the adventure.

Wednesday, April 4

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

We usually take Will to the potty right before we head to bed. He's usually asleep for the whole process. Tonight Brian went to take him and found this...