Wednesday, February 23

Daddy's Little Man

Apparently somebody's ready for some baseball....

Saturday, February 19

Random Weekend Stuff

I picked up these cute shirts for the kids a while back. I was sure Ella wasn't going to want to wear it, but she thought they were so 'adorable'. She cracks me up. We headed to the camp fair at the mall, and they got lots of compliments. We went there so I could get more info on local camps such as art, acting, etc. However, Ella informed us there that she is ready to go to sleep away camp. Ugh. Hear that? That's me having a heart attack. She is definitely NOTHING like me as a child. We are looking into a couple of possibilities, but we'll see.

 I was talking to someone about an acting camp for 2 seconds, and this is what I turned around and saw. She loved it.

Friday, February 18

Rodeo Day at School

Ella's school has a Kindergarten Rodeo as well as square dancing for all of the grades every year. Ella was so excited. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was a great event.

            Our little cowgirl                                         Cate and Ella ready for fun

with Isolde and Mrs. Pennington

Ella and Madie LOVED the three legged race.

Ella and her dance partner, Joshua.

The kids loved all of the dances and did a great job.

Ella and her cowboy.

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

This has been just an awesome few days. Last week we were stuck inside due to some very cold weather. This weekend the sun decided to come out and warm us up a lot. It's been in the low 70's and gorgeous. The kids are playing outside, and we know it won't be too long before we'll be jumping in the pool.

Brian and I had our Valentine's night out on Saturday. We went out to eat at Bistro Provence. The food was delicious. We had steamed mussels first. They were cooked perfectly with an absolutely yummy sauce. I thought Brian was going to lick the bowl. Luckily, there was fresh bread for him to use. Second, I ordered the onion soup, yum, and Brian got the special tomato soup of the night, super yum. For the main course, I ordered a goat cheese ravioli, and Brian got the lamp chop special of the evening. Everything was cooked great, and it made me miss France way too much! Small portions of fresh flavorful food. We enjoyed that we were full but not absolutely miserable like most restaurants around here. After dinner, we went and met Rachel and Justin at City Centre. They were in town visiting family, and we were so excited to see them. We went with them to get dessert at Sweet, a new cupcake place. We had cupcakes, and I also had a french macaron.. my favorite.

Will has been so ready for Valentine's Day just like Ella. He has been telling me every morning that I am his sweetheart and his best friend. He is such a little lover!

Today the kids had their parties at school. They were both so excited this morning. Ella got a Hello Kitty umbrella and a cool round puzzle. Will got a book and a Baseball Guys set. Brian and I don't tend to give gifts. But, I gave him a bag of his favorite chocolates... Toblerone. And, he surprised me during my volunteer time at school with some GORGEOUS flowers. My favorite flowers are tulips. The bouquet he got is fabulous. It also has stargazers which smell up the whole house. It got so much attention at school especially since he delivered it himself. I think I will keep him!

Ella wasn't much into posing today. She was ready to leave for school.

Will just thought he was hilarious this morning.

The card that Will decorated at school.


Friday, February 11

Daddy Daughter Dance

Ella and Brian attended the Daddy Daughter Dance through her Daisy Troop. Ella was so excited. The theme was Disney Princess. So, the outfit was pretty easy since we had some cute outfits from our Disney trip just a couple of months ago.

Thursday, February 10

Daisy Cutie Pies

After the Daisy meeting this week, I somehow ended up with 5 of them at the house. They are hilarious and so precious. Within 10 minutes, they had a whole Barbie city in Ella's room.

Monday, February 7

Valentine Cuteness

We have always made Ella's Valentines for school. She just loves art projects. So, every year they have gotten a little cuter. I am not creative. So, I use the wonderful internet to give us ideas. This year we found a ton of free printables, and Ella picked out what she wanted to do.

For the girls...

For the boys...

Ella's Valentine Mailbox...

And, here's the heart that Will had to decorate for his classroom and the treat bags for his class...

Sunday, February 6

Super Bowl XLV

We went to the annual Super Bowl party at the Williams' house. It's so fun to see the kids as they grow up. They have so much fun together. Ella and Will came home so exhausted.

Saturday, February 5

Watching TV with Daddy

Today Brian was flipping channels trying to find something to watch,  but he got distracted doing something else for me. A little while later I realized it was some gold mining show that was on. I said, " Brian, can you please find something better to watch." Ella suddenly said from the chair right by the TV, "No. I like this show." I cracked up laughing, and soon I found Ella and Daddy curled up watching more episodes of Gold Prospectors on the Outdoor Channel.

Wednesday, February 2

Houston Cold Weather

For the past few days we have had some really cold weather. We even had a school snow yesterday as the forecast was for 1-3 inches. We got NO snow. The kids were all ready to bundle up though. They both love the cold weather gear.