Tuesday, May 15

Here Comes Summer

Between all of this and camps spread throughout, I better not hear that anyone is bored all Summer!

Sunday, May 13

Albion Soccer - Team Mexico

We started Albion soccer only knowing one girl on our team. Then, our team got smaller as one of our team members moved to another area, and Brian began coaching. We ended up with five great girls. They have bonded and their skills have improved so much. It's been a great season.

Zoe, Lilly, Ella, Kara and Emmaline

Saturday, May 5

Dance Recital # 3

This is Ella's 4th year dancing, and it's her 3rd dance recital. She danced jazz and ballet this year. She has really progressed, and we are so proud of her.

The theme this year was Under the Big Top. The music and dances were adorable. Ella danced jazz and ballet this year. Her jazz dance was to "The Baby Elephant Walk", and her ballet dance was to "Circus March".

Jazz Outfit

Ella with her good friend Ella.

Getting ready for ballet

Our annual picture with Mrs. Carla.

Thursday, May 3

BUGZ - Ella's 1st Grade Play

Tonight was Ella's 1st grade play. The kids were so precious. It was a great play about working together.

Ella and Alexa...Ladybugs

Ms. Jackson.. so proud of all of the bugs

Ella and Katie

Berkeley (Monarch Butterfly), Ella (Ladybug) and Madie (Buttefly)

Ms. Kelsey, student teacher,  and Ella

Wednesday, May 2

BUGZ Play Dress Rehearsal

My lady bug is soooo ready!

Sunday, April 29

Spring Soccer

Ella decided to play soccer in the Spring instead of softball this year. Also, due to some team changes Brian got pushed into coaching again. Ella is really improving. It's fun to see the girls really start to work together more and more.

Saturday, April 28

Running for the Arts

Spring Branch Education Foundation puts on a 5K every year to raise money. They also have a 1K for the little ones. Several of us with little ones did that one since no strollers or bikes are allowed.

Before the race, we discovered that Ella is quite good at the hullahoop. Ella saw Caitlin after she finished the 5K. Ella was very impressed.

 Posing before the run and Ella with Madie

Daddy and Will make it to the finish line!