Tuesday, May 31

Teacher Gifts

I found some great teacher gift ideas on blogs this year. So, Ella and I picked some out to do. We made Ms. Perry a basket with some cute ones. She also got a big gift card that the whole class contributed too.

We also put these together with Starbucks giftcards for all the other wonderful people that are special to Ella.... librarian, music teacher, art teacher, office ladies, etc. They came out so cute.

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day 2011

We had a pretty low key holiday this year. The Sheedy's came over to swim and have chili dogs, homeade apple pie and homeade vanilla ice cream. I forgot to take out the camera more. I hate when that happens.

Sunday, May 29

Peepaw's Birthday

Peepaw and Nana came over for his birthday for pizza and ice cream cake. Ella loves to help blow out candles.

Saturday, May 28

Just making sure that you know...

We are a Texas Rangers household. The boys love wearing their Rangers duds together.

Tuesday, May 24

Classic Mema Gift

This one is for Mema to see. She came out to help us during Will's surgery and to see Ella's dance recital. Of course her suitcase was loaded with goodies for the kids. She brought Ella this towel wrap. Ella thinks it's so fancy. Here she is modeling it.

Saturday, May 21

Dance Recital 2011

Ella danced ballet, tap and jazz this year. As usual she was so excited and not nervous at all. She just loves to perform.

Daddy escorting her to the dressing area

Posing in her first outfit for 'I Feel Pretty'

Ella and her Mema.... both glowing.

Ella, Emerson, Margaret Ann and Jade

 Ella and Jade ready to go on stage

On stage. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her.

Ready for tap.. Singing in the Ran

Jazz... 'Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay'

Wednesday, May 18

Will's Tonsil Surgery

Today Will had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Mommy was a nervous wreck. I know it was routine surgery,  but it's still so hard on a parent. On the way in we decided not to get everything for the stay. Brian was going to go to the car later for the suitcase. Will looked a little hesitant as he wasn't sure what was going on. I asked Will if he wanted to take one of his friends (aka stuffed animals) in. He immediately pointed to Daddy. He's such a sweet little mane.

Will did have a blast in the waiting room

Everything went well in the surgery. Dr. Brauchle said that tonsils were even bigger than he thought. We did have issues coming out of anesthesia and lots of nausea and stomach issues It's a good thing that he had planned for us to spend the night. We felt a lot more comfortable since things weren't going great.

Here is his sweet big sister trying to keep him occupied when he wasn't feeling so good.

Tuesday, May 17

Will's Last Day of School

Today was Will's last day of school. He finishes at MDPC Children's Day Inn (CDI) and moves on to the Yellow School next year. We had a wonderful experience at CDI. Here he is taking one last picture with Ms. Shannon and Ms. Chris.

Friday, May 13

Comets Party

Softball season is now over, and we finished in second place. The girls did great and showed so much improvement. We are very proud of them. We had such a great time. Tonight we had our party complete with pizza, cake, ice cream and trophies.

Classic Ella... talking with her hands
Avery, Ella and Olivia

Avery, Ella, Olivia, Macy, London and Olivia

Alexa and Madie

The girls signing the trophies.

Will and his best bud, Mac.

Jackson, Will and Mac. I crack up everytime we see the boys. Will always says to Mac, "Look there's your friend Jackson.", as if it's a surprise. (Jackson is Mac's brother.)

Coach Keller presenting the trophies. He remembered a great play by every girl. He was so great. He was so good at keeping the girls interested and motivated to try harder.

Tuesday, May 10

Ella's Self Portrait

Today when I went up to Ella's school to help out, she had to show me her artwork that was in the front hall. It was her self portrait. I was very impressed, and she was so proud. I especially loved the missing tooth.

Thursday, May 5

Last Softball Game

Today was our last softball game. It was the beginning of the play-offs, and we lost by 1. Of course, it didn't phase the girls. They had a fun a fun season, and that's what it's all about.

Wednesday, May 4

Dance Recital Rehearsal

The crazy day of rehearsal. There were lots of smiles.