Monday, May 31

Memorial Day

We just hung around the house today, and Daddy finished a big project... our new sound system! And, he even took some time to build some trains with the kids.

Sunday, May 30

Big Boy Bed & A Fun Night at the Neighbor's

Will decided last night that he was going to start trying to climb out of his crib. He fought bedtime, and we went in twice and he was balancing on the side rail. Then, today I was in the kitchen making something, and Ella said, "Mom, did Will get out of his crib by himself?" As I said, "What?" I turned and saw the little man standing right next to me. I couldn't believe it, but we knew it was time. So, Brian changed the crib this afternoon. He looks happy here, but it's been a battle getting him to bed.

Being his normal silly self!

For dinner we were invited across the street. We had lots of fun but a little too much Scotch and Wine!

The Princesses



Saturday, May 29

PeePaw's Birthday

We had PeePaw and Nana over for his birthday. Nana made some yummy ribs, and we got an ice cream cake. I think he had a very Happy Birthday!


Friday, May 28

Ella's Last Day of School & Friday Night Out

Today was Ella's last day of pre-K. I can't believe that we are parents of a Kindergartner.

Also, our friends Mike and Sarah Sheedy closed today on a house not too far from us. We are very excited to have them in the area now. So, we went out and celebrated with them and two of Sarah's very close friends, Vanessa and Laura. We had a fun night.

Thursday, May 27

End of School Party

Today we had a great time at Ella's class party. Everyone wore their swimsuits, ate hotdogs and enjoyed the arrival and the goodies from the ice cream truck.

Ella ready to do the water hop-scotch and the playground after everyone finished with the silly string.


Ice Cream!!!

Wednesday, May 26

Waiting for Something Yummy

We broke out the ice cream maker and made some frozen yogurt tonight. The kids aren't really crazy about it. It's a bit tart. But, we had fun!


Ella modeling and Will making noise as usual                                         

Sunday, May 23

Sunday at the Park



And being silly back at home...


Saturday, May 22

Fun Night with Mema

After Ella's dance recital we went out to lunch at Chuy's and then came home to swim and relax. Ella and Will like to kidnap Mema too. We found them being crazy with her in Ella's room.


Before bed we had some dancing. Ella was in charge... of course! She loves to pick the songs. None of the pics came out very good, but this one of someone that loves his Mema came out pretty cute.

Ella's First Dance Recital

Ella had her first dance recital this weekend. It was amazing. She has no nerves at all.. that's for sure! All of the grandparents were there, and she was so proud. A few numbers before her first performance I just knew I was going to cry. I am not sure how she grew up so fast.

Ella and Peyton before the first performance


Mrs. Carla, ballet teacher, and the girls


Peyton's Mom told stories to the girls while we waited for them to be called

They're ready!

Little Ballerinas

Ready for the tap number

Thursday, May 20

Last Day of Swim Lessons

Since we have a pool it was a must that kids in a good swim class. I was so lucky to hear about Mrs. Buie from a school friend of Ella's. Mrs. Buie has been teaching for 20+ years. We knew that Ella just needed a stern push, and that is exactly what Mrs. Buie gave her. Ella still has a little work to do, but she has the confidence and the fear is gone! She has come so far.

Then, there is Will. We knew fear was not an issue last year, but we were concerned that there was going to be a little fear this year. A few 2 1/2 year olds that were going through lessons were struggling as they were hitting some fear issues. NOT WILL! He was amazing. No, he's not swimming totally by himself yet, but Mrs. Buie was amazed at his breathing. He very rarely chokes and can hold his breath crazy long. I guess that swimmers blood from his namesake may come out afterall.

Wednesday, May 19

Eric & Jennifer's Wedding Pictures...My Heart Melted

Today Jennifer and Eric posted the link to their wedding pictures. There were a lot of great pictures. But, I have to admit that when I saw this picture... my heart melted. My beautiful girl!

Two peas in a pod....

And, we're pretty cute...

Tuesday, May 18

The Water Dispenser and the New Bikini

Today Will discovered the water dispenser on the refrigerator. I am actually surprised that it took so long. I was pleasantly surprised that he does NOT like it. I just knew when this was discovered I would walk into a flooded laundry room. Instead I got this really wet and mad face.

Also, Ella has been begging for a bikini. Daddy is definitely not on board with this, but I have been determined to find one that covers a decent bit. I think I did pretty good.


Quote of the Day

Ella came in with this big smile on her face, "Mommy, when I coughed I tooted!"

That's my little lady!

Sunday, May 16


Popsicles and Swimming... Summer is here, and we are definitely excited. Ella had a wonderful playdate with Lindsey Kriendler. Lindsey was an  absolute angel, and the girls had a blast.

I think Will and Ella are going to be my little fish this Summer!

Saturday, May 15

End of T-Ball

Today was supposed to be our last t-ball game, but it got rained out. So, we just had our end of season party. It was held at the Chapelwood youth activity center and was a blast. They had pizza, trophies, face painting, balloons, and a jump house.. what more do you need?!?!?!?!

Ella, Margaret Ann, and Emerson enjoying their fabulous trophies


Claire and Ella making silly faces

Will had a BLAST. Here he is eating pizza and watching the Wii. (No telling what happened to his shoes)

Friday, May 14


Sometimes I just want to squeeeeze them! I caught this on the way out the door to swim class.. which is going absolutely wonderful. More about that later.

Quote of the Day

From Will this morning... "Go Rangers. I love Go Rangers."

Will says a lot of funny things right now, but I am concerned about the brainwashing that might be taking place by Daddy. Let's just hope that Will is not repeating what Daddy is usually saying at the end of the season when he is not so happy with the Rangers!
Texas Rangers - Logo 3' X 5' Flag MLB Pro Baseball

A visit from the Dillards

Rachel and Justin Dillard visited us last night as they were in town for a wedding this weekend. Brian and Rachel have known each other since they were young, and she is like a sister to him. We love seeing and hanging out with them. They have a bundle of joy, Baby Em, that is 4 months old. We absolutely love seeing her whenever we can too.

Friday, May 7


Will and I woke up entirely too early this morning. So, when we were up partying Will discovered he could easily pull his PJ shirt off. So, he ran in the kitchen swinging his shirt around cracking up laughing. He's a mess!