Wednesday, April 28

Sensory Art Mud Day at Chapelwood

Today was Sensory Art Day at Ella's school. It is a really fun day for the kids. They get to put their hands and feet into all kinds of things and get totally messy. I helped out, and it was so much fun to watch all of the kids explore.



Tuesday, April 27

Dance Recital Sneak Peak

Ella had her dress rehearsal today for her recital. The recital will be held at HBU in May. She is very excited and not nervous AT ALL about being on stage.

Playdate with Quinn and Baby Reese

We met Jessy and the girls at Memorial City Mall to play at the playground (aka Candyland). Will was a wildman, as usual. Mommy thinks it's the cutest thing in the world when he says 'Baby Reese'. He took a really good nap today!

Monday, April 26

A Tribute to Our Sweet Ruby

Today is a very sad day in our house. We said goodbye to our wonderful, obedient, loving and absolutely perfect dog Ruby. She lost her battle with cancer and was loving until the last possible moment. There is no doubt that she was welcomed into heaven by all of our loved ones that have gone before us... dogs and people.

Brian and I are dog lovers and have had many in our lives, but there is no doubt that we have never owned a more amazing dog than Ruby. All she wanted was love and affection. She never tore anything up, knew better than to ever mess in the house, never ran off and was on more of a routine than the kids. She was so amazing and truly provided us with unconditional love. Her grandparents absolutely adored her as well and knew what an amazing dog she was.

I would also like to thank Sugarland Veterinary Specialists. They have helped us battle this disease for a while and were wonderful to work with. Thank you Dr.Novosad, Coye and the absolutely amazing tech, Roxanne. Ruby absolutely loved Roxanne. She would wag her tail everytime she saw her. Roxanne talked about how good Ruby was and followed her from place to place in the back.

We have a lot of nicknames in our house for the kids...Ella Boo, Willie Woo and Ruby Foo (aka The Foo). Ella and I loved to sing to Ruby. We always sang this to the tune of Scooby-Doo....

Ruby Ruby Foo
We love you
You're the Greatest Puppy

We love and miss you so much Ruby.

Wednesday, April 21

Playdate with Emerson

Emerson came over after school today for a much overdue playdate. Both girls are VERY into being princesses as you can tell...

Saturday, April 17

Ella's Crazy Weekend - Part 2

This Saturday was definitely Ella's busiest of all time. First, she had her Gymnastics Spring Show...


Then, a T-Ball game...


Ella loved that Mamaw and Grandpa were here to watch everything.


Then, T-Ball pictures...

Once all of this was over, she had to rush home and get cleaned up to make her Flower Girl debut...


It was a very busy and VERY fabulous weekend. Around 11pm, when we were on the way home from the wedding, Ella said, "Can I be a Flower Girl again?". I believe she is planning on making a career out of this! 

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun. We are very thankful to have a wonderful person like Jennifer join the family and that she asked Ella to be part of the wedding.

Will.... No, Will did not join us at the wedding, but don't think that Will missed out on the crazy weekend too.  Mamaw and Grandpa took him to Pappasitos on Friday night to eat with Aunt Janie and the gang. He was apparently very entertained by Travis. Then, he proceeded to stay up partying until after 10pm. Saturday night  Peepaw and Nana watched him while we were all at the wedding. He stayed up until around 9pm. Apparently, grandparents believe that if he makes the slightest peep he MUST get up. He is a smart boy already knowing how to work them. The famous quote after Peepaw and Nana trying to get him down once......"Nana get me."  

Friday, April 16

Ella's Crazy Weekend - Part 1

Ella was asked by Jennifer and Eric, Brian's cousin, to be the flower girl in their wedding. The wedding was this weekend, and Ella was more than excited about all of the events and festivities. However, Ella also had several other things going on. It made for a very fun and crazy weekend.

First, on Friday night we had the wedding rehearsal and dinner. We started off at the church where Ella was very excited to learn her part in the ceremony. Then we had dinner at Vic and Anthony's. It was a very fun night.


We knew that it was time to go home when around 10pm, Ella came up to Mommy and said, "Mommy, I just want my bed." She was awesome all night. We were very proud of her. Then, about 5 minutes out of downtown, we looked in the backseat and saw this...

Thursday, April 15

"Sorry Ella ... Kiss"

Will's communication skills are growing like crazy right now. Sometimes the cutest things come out. Tonight in the bath, Will hit Ella. He doesn't do this to hurt her but to get her attention when he wants to play. Regardless, it has to stop. So, I said, "Will tell Ella you're sorry." Will says, "Sorry Ella... Kiss". He grabbed her face gently and gave her a sweet kiss. Ella smiled and said, "I love you". Mommy was very proud.

Friday, April 9

Nothing Like a Good Movie

Peepaw and Nana came over and brought a fabulous dinner this weekend. Ella has been on a Beauty and the Beast kick lately. Actually, I started this as I was sick of hearing anything else. I put a classic back in, and Ella remembered how fabulous it is. So, when Peepaw was over they just had to watch. Ella loves to sing and dance, and Will just likes to watch Ella.

Tuesday, April 6


After all of the Easter posts, I had to look back at last year. It's crazy how much these kids grow and how much things change in a year. We had moved back to Houston a couple months before. We were in a corporate townhome in a very busy part of Houston and getting VERY frustrated with the house hunting process. It seems so long ago now.


Sunday, April 4

Easter 2010

Easter this year started not so great. Will woke up with a fever. So, he stayed home with Nana and Peepaw while we went to church. He ended up staying in PJs all day, but that didn't stop him from enjoying himself! 

The day started with Ella running in our room and saying, "The Easter bunny came and brought me Twinkle Toes." Those are the shoes that she has been wanting for months. 

Lovin' the Peeps! That's my girl.

The new kicks...

Dressed for church

Time to hunt some eggs..


Going through the Easter eggs. Then, Will discovered the Twinkle Toes.

Saturday, April 3

More Easter Fun

We were blessed with another remarkable weather day for Easter weekend. I got some flowers planted in pots... with a little help from Ella. However, please understand that Ella does not like to get dirty. Therefore, she is so excited about planting flowers, but every 2 seconds she tells me that she really needs to clean off her hands, feet, whatever because they are dirty. It's a very frustrating process!

After flower planting, the hose was on. You can guess what happened next. Before I knew it, both kids were wet and having a blast. Will got stripped down and was super happy about that. Ella had to get a swimsuit on (such a little lady) and was ready for the pool.




Lastly, we dyed Easter eggs. They came out really cute.

Ella and Daddy ended the day by going for a fun bike ride. 

In the evening, the Easter bunny came...

Friday, April 2

Good Friday 2010 - A Day of Silly Faces

We enjoyed beautiful weather and a fun playdate with Cate. The girls made cupcakes and even played in the pool a bit.


Thursday, April 1

Ella's Pre-K Easter Party

Today we had a great time at Ella's class Easter Party. First, we had an Easter egg hunt. Then, we headed back to the classroom so that kids could make sure everyone got the fair amount of eggs. We made bunny masks which came out adorable. Then, the kids had a brunch menu with kolaches, fruit and some cupcakes.