Thursday, November 24


With Thanksgiving being at our house, it was a bit chaotic. So, I didn't get to take any pictures. We had a great time though. As usual, lots of food and over indulgence!

Brian decided at the last minute to head to A&M with family going to the last A&M vs. UT football game. He did not have a ticket. He got lucky when he got there and found an amazing seat.

Sunday, November 20

Lunch with the Schwertners

This afternoon we went to a baby shower for Elaine and Dale. We got to meet sweet baby Nolan on their visit from California. After the shower, we headed to lunch with the Schwertners for a bit. The kids are always so excited when the girls are in town.

Saturday, November 19

Soccer Party

The kids had a great time at the soccer party. We went out to Clay's so that the kids could run and play. We had a yummy cake and awards as well. Some of the girls have older brothers that play football. They wanted to run through a banner like the boys get to. So, one of our wonderful Mom's made one for them.

Saturday, November 12

Soccer Play-Offs

Our lavender Ladybugs did amazing. Today we won the silver championship. We could not have asked for a better group of girls. We had no ball hogs or bad sports. The girls all improved so much. We are so proud of them.

Friday, November 11

International Day

International Day at BHE this year was amazing. It was based on China. There were crafts, food, activities and shows. The kids had a great time.

Thursday, November 10

Jump Rope for Heart

This is an event that the coaches at school organize through the American Heart Association to help kids with heart issues. The kids really get into it.

Monday, November 7

Ms. Jackson's Wedding Surprise

Ms. Jackson is getting married on 11-11-11. The kids were all very excited for her. We decided to surprise her with some gifts and her favorite cookies personalized for the occasion.

 And, the crazy face of the day...