Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween

What a day! We had church this morning, a fun Halloween street party and loads of fun trick or treating.  After much debate, Ella decided that she and Will would be Spidergirl and Spiderman. Mommy and Daddy were very happy with her choice. They loved the costumes and looked great too!

Friday, October 29

Pumpkin Painting 2010

We painted pumpkins after school today like we do every year. We did it with Macy and Cate. This was Will's first year to join in. However, it was a bit chaotic for Mommy. I wasn't able to get any pictures of Will. Just picture Will with no shirt on and paint all over him.

Ella's Kindergarten DARE Week

This was Ella's first year to be introduced to the DARE campaign. She learned a lot and had a blast dressing up. I forgot to get pictures from 2 days..BHE Shirt Day and Camouflage Day. Ella wore a pink camo outfit. She loved it. I am sure we will snap a picture next time she wears it!

Crazy hat day...but really all about the shoes!

Jersey Day. And, on Wear Red Day they got a popsicle from the Principal!

Thursday, October 28

Memorial High Homecoming Parade

We met up with some of Ella's daisy troop at Hedwig Park to watch the Memorial High Homecoming Parade. We had hot dogs and other yummies. The kids had a great time.

Madie, Cate and Ella

Some Days are So Easy

Some days it is so hard to keep will entertained and other are so easy. Today Will found a plastic bin that he called his bathtub. (Will LOVES taking baths!) He also found a ton of balls to play with. So, all day he was in and out of the bin with and without all of his toys. And, yes... Will again is only half clothed. Some days I just don't have the energy to keep up with that!

Monday, October 25

Will's First Halloween Party

Will didn't quite understand why he was wearing his Spiderman outfit to school today. However, he apparently got the idea of how this thing works pretty quick. All week he has now been saying, "I love trick-or-treat!".

Sunday, October 24

Fun at Dewberry Farms

We headed out to Dewberry Farms for Logan Hatcher's 4th Birthday Party. The weather did not quite agree as it got a little too warm today for October, but the kids still had a blast.

Ella has always loved and remembers every year to jump off a haystack.

Daddy and Will watched to the Puppet Chickens do a show, and Will LOVED the baby chicks!

I was really worried that this was not going to end well...

Saturday, October 23

A Great Saturday

Last night the Rangers beat the Yankees to win their first trip to the World Series. To say the least, Brian was very happy. He was like a little kid. He has followed this team all his life, and this is definitely the pinnacle.
We have bought baseball packages and watched this team as we crossed the country. We even went to a very fun Spring Training a a few years ago. However, it hasn't ever totally come together...until now!

Here are Will and Grandpa cheering for the Rangers at breakfast...

 After breakfast, we found this outside. Ella said they were sunbathing. They're so crazy! Also, notice Grandpa and Mamaw's dog, Millie. They always enjoy having a pup around!

Friday, October 22

Playing Together

As Will gets a little older, the kids are starting to play together a little more. Today the kids had a tea party together. Ella started to get frustrated that Will would not totally play her way, but then once she let him have his rocks at the table everything was ok.

Will and I went out to lunch with Peepaw and Nana to Rajin Cajun. Here are Will and PeePaw.

Thursday, October 21

It's the Little Things

This may not be much to most, but it's the little things that I don't want to forget. I have gone from dreading grocery shopping with Will to really enjoying it. He knows where the highlights are in the store. He loves to pick out produce. He tells me what everything is and what we need to get. Then, he loves to go see the monsters (aka lobsters). In the middle, they always have samples of some stuff they make called Magic Pop and small coffee samples.
          Will ...."Mommy, I want some Magic. I LOVE Magic. That's your coffee. Gonna get some?"
          Mommy... "Yes"
          Will ... "You like it?"
          Mommy..."Yes. I do."
          Will... "That's good."

Here's he is helping me pick out onions...

Wednesday, October 20

Kindergarten Field Trip

I helped chaperone Ella's field trip to see the Busy Town play at Main Street Theatre. The kids loved the play. I will say once again.that I have no idea how teachers do it. The patience that they have totally amazes me!

Busytown Cast

 Ms. Perry
 Ella and Isabella

Saturday, October 16

Will needs some lessons in romancing the ladies...

Last night Will had a little playdate. I watched Carys, who is the little sister of one of Ella's soccer teamates, Isolde. The girls had a soccer clinic to go to. Coach Andrews, Isolde's Dad, took the girls to the clinic, and I watched the little ones as both of our significant others were not home that evening. Carys and Will ate dinner together, played in the playroom and had a great time with our mini pumpkins. I was busy with two 2 year-olds, but I couldn't help capturing at least one picture of the cuties. However, it looks like Will is going to need some lessons on table manners with the ladies...

Walking to School

Ella was determined the ride the bus and be independent. However, she has realized what I have tried telling her all along. School is so close and if we walk we can play on the playground before school. Now, she loves walking, and I LOVE this...

Friday, October 15

Full Moon at Noon

Will and I went outside to clean up and do some watering. It was a little cool earlier that morning. So, Will had on pants and a t-shirt. He began the get his pant legs wet. So, I took those off for him. Not two minutes later after I picked something up, I turned around to find this.....


And headed to school a couple of days later...

Wednesday, October 13

And just like that, all is right with the world again.

It was a rough sports weekend in the Davison house. Daddy's beloved Rangers are in the playoffs. They had won the first 2 games of the series last week, but then lost 2 in a row this weekend. Last night was their last chance. The tension was high. Daddy was nervous just as he has been for every game, but Mommy actually got a stomach ache too. I understand that Brian absolutely loves baseball and the Rangers. We have lived all over this country and have purchased baseball packages for Brian to continue to follow his team. However, the Rangers do not have the best history.

So, last night we got the kids to bed and began to watch the game. I was even ridiculously superstitious and felt that I couldn't leave a certain spot on the couch. Good things seemed to happen when I was there. What has Brian done to me?!?! Ella even snuck out to check on the game and cheer. Also, when she sat with Daddy and cheered good things happened. I thought Brian was going to keep her up for good luck. Thank goodness she finally went to bed.

They did win and all is right with the world again! Now, we have to beat the Yankees. Ugh!

This is what I found this morning... Will on the kitchen counter screaming, "LET'S GO RANGERS!".

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we tried to be outside as much as possible. The weather has been amazing. Saturday morning we had an early soccer game so we headed out to Clay's Restaurant to meet some friends and wear the kids out. Ella and Lindsey were stuck together as usual. I wasn't able to click them, but I got Keaton and Will. They were really cute together. Hopefully, we'll get them together much more!

They had this cage on the deck that the boys just loved to play in. Hmmm...cage... Can I get one of these for the house? And, Will just loved feeding the horses. 

After church on Sunday we headed to brunch. If you didn't know, there are two kids that love their Daddy!

Someone is always looking to get a laugh!

Tuesday, October 12

Sorry. I can't resist.

I couldn't resist posting today's absolutely adorable Sunshine Report for Will...

Teacher - Tell us about your Mom
Will- She buys more milk for me, and she makes dinner.
Mommy's Commentary- Thank goodness. You know how these kids are. He could have said a LOT worse. HA!

Teacher - Will had a good day. Will loves Bubble Lou. Will says, "We have to feed Bubble Lou. He's hungry."
Will's very busy but very easygoing. He loves to interact with his friends and follows instruction very well.
Mommy's Commentary - What? Huh? Easy what? Follow what?

Teacher - He uses well structured sentences with right tense and verb form.
Mommy's Commentary - His language taking off is just amazing me. This is the same child who we were concerned with talking very little at age 2. It's just amazing how he talks in good complete sentences all of a sudden.

And, the best for last...

Teacher - Will loves dress-up clothes. He brings dresses and asks me to it on him. I guess having a big sister has a huge influence on him.

Will - My sister is a princess. She is a princess. (As he is pointing to one of his girl friends)

Update on Ella

A couple months ago Ella's beloved 'pink blanket' (aka Pinkie Blankie) got a tear in it. I knew this could possibly be the end of the world, and we had to take care of it. We were so lucky that Mrs. Sheedy, the maker of the wonderful A&M blanket, has moved to Houston. So, we talked to our friend Mike Sheedy about having his Mom do the repair, and she was so nice to agree.  We picked it up from Mike and Sarah's house right after Labor Day, and the world began to turn again. Thank goodness!

After that, I decided that with Ella learning to read and write it was a good time for her to begin thank you notes. So, we sat down and wrote our first thank you note. She told Mrs. Sheedy thank you and that she was the best! Believe me, she really meant that. Then, as if Mrs. Sheedy hadn't done enough already, she mailed Ella a thank you note for the thank you note. Ella just loves getting mail, and it was from Mrs. Sheedy. What could be better? She was ecstatic. We then came up with the idea to ask Mrs. Sheedy to be her pen pal. Of course, Mrs. Sheedy accepted. (She's so great.) And, now Ella is really enjoying thinking of what to write her every time.

Side note... Mrs. Sheedy used to be a teacher. She writes the letters VERY neatly and very much on Ella's level. We are so lucky to have landed such a good pen pal.

Photographer Pictures from Dallas

While I do not tend to think these are the best pictures that my kids have ever taken, some came out pretty cute. Of course, Will was in the worst mood ever and his candid shots came out so cute.

Drum roll please. I love this picture...

Thursday, October 7

Will's Sunshine Reports

When Will is at school, I get a 'Sunshine Report' when I pick him up. It's a great report that tells us things that he played with, things he did, quotes and other information. Here are some recent funnies...

Teacher - What is your favorite color?
Will - Yellow Raisins
Interesting point... Will has never had yellow raisins.

Teacher - What do you do when it rains outside?
Will - Umbrella

Teacher - Will loves art. His turn was over but he couldn't leave. He just sat there and his friends, "Let me help you. I can do it for you."

Teacher - Will remembers our routine and procedure. He washed his hands and said, "Now, I gonna find my lunch."

Teacher - Will loves Creative Movement and loves to jump.
Mommy - This is NO surprise!

Will loves to interact with his friends. He says some funny things just to try to start a conversation. He went up to his friend Kelso and said, "Kelso, Where are you? What's your name?".

Teacher - Will is so delightful and funny. He adds so much to our class. He is very enthusiastic about everything. He is always happy, upbeat, and attentive. We just love to have him in our class. We had chapel today. On our way to our room, he saw a water fountain. He was so happy, then shouted, "I see a water fountain." .

Teacher - I asked him about Ella. He said, "She is on the bus. Mommy is home, and she is happy.".

Teacher - He loves to pick up the play phone and say, "Hello. Hello."
Mommy- Apparently, everyone laughs when he does this. I think I may have a class clown on my hands. Just great!

Tuesday, October 5

Will's School Pictures

Today Will had school pictures. It was his first time, and I was a little nervous especially since he did AWFUL in Dallas this weekend for pictures. So, I was very surprised when I picked him up from school and read this on his Sunshine Report...

"Will had a good day. Will loved having his picture taken. He was the first one and Mr. Jeremy (the photographer) called "next" and he got up and stood in front of the camera. We had a hard time explaining 'your turn is over'. "

I just had to laugh.

Monday, October 4

A Visit to Dallas

We headed to Dallas for the weekend to visit Mamaw and Grandpa. They had also gotten a sitting for some pictures of the grandchildren. Ella was ready to pose as usual. However, Will was not exactly in the mood to do anything that we wanted him to do. (Keep this in mind for the next post.) We hope the photographer captured something good, but if not Grandpa snapped some good ones that day at the park and at the Arboretum.

Ella and Sarah

I am sure he was saying, "No". That's what he was saying most of the morning.

Freedom makes someone VERY happy!

He just keeps moving and moving and moving...