Monday, July 25

Playdate with Macy

Macy and Ella had a fun swimdate today. They were quite excited to see each other and had a great time.

Saturday, July 23

Roller Queen

Ella has only been roller skating a couple of times, but this time she made a drastic improvement . She was so proud. We headed to a birthday party for Emerson. This was her early in the party. By the end, she had dumped the help.

Wednesday, July 20

There are NO Words

Will has finally dumped his nap, but we would randomly put him down to try to get a little rest. Some days it would work and others not so much. Today I walked in to find this. He's naked in his undies only and has shoved tons of clothes in his pants. Of course, he loved that I fell on the floor and laughed at him... just the reaction he wanted.

Sunday, July 17

Weekend with Daddy

For Mother's Day this year, Brian and some friends gave some of us lucky Mommies a day at a spa in Austin. Brian is such an amazing Daddy. He really made the most of the weekend with them by taking them to the beach. Mitch and Jennifer offered their lovely condo at Diamond Beach to him and the kids. The kids had a BLAST!

Wednesday, July 13


This year we participated in VBS at Memorial Drive Presbyterian. Will was able to go as long as I volunteered. I was more than willing as it was such a great group of ladies that put it together. I was assigned in the 'Play' area of the set-up. I helped with the 'Gross & Gooey' station. This is always a big hit. It was really a lot of fun.

 Emerson, Alexa, and Kate... great friends make a great week!

Our absolute fabulous teenage helpers at our station, and Ella stopping by to participate in some Gross and Gooey.

 Will even got to participate in some fun. He was exhausted everyday!

Our favorite part of the 'Play' area... The Photo Booth...

Sunday, July 10

End of a Week with 4 Kids

First off, I want to say that everything really did go great over the last week, but I had to laugh when I was packing up the girls. I found Kate's new doll laying around her bags looking like this. I knew exactly how she felt. Ha.

Saturday, July 9

Pottery Painting

The Schwertner girls really wanted to paint pottery when we got back to Houston. On Saturday we left the boys at home and headed to paint some pottery. The girls had a blast and were so incredibly creative. I love be able to have this time with them. They are all still so innocent, and I love to listen to there conversations. Precious.

Friday, July 8

Back to Houston

We are now back in Houston. Most people thought I was nuts to drive 4 kids by myself 6 hours back home, but they were all pretty awesome. However, I did need one of these when Brian took us to dinner.

My adorable guests

Wednesday, July 6

Day at the Waterpark

There's a new waterpark in Bay St. Louis. The kids just had to check it out. We got their right after it opened and were in and out all day until close at 8pm. It was the perfect size for me with 4 kids. It has two waterslides, lazy river, little kids play area and free putt putt golf. We had lots of fun. Of course, Will had little to no interest in the little kids play area. He wants to swim, swim and swim some more.

The Putt Putt Girls

Tuesday, July 5

More Fun on the Coast

Brian, Scott and Kristen left this morning, and Mom needed to work. So, I let the kids chose between the beach and the pool. They chose the pool. So away we went.

They had so much fun at Donna and Greg's. They come up with all kinds of crazy things to do. And, Will has turned into such a little fish.

And to my favorite picture of the weekend. It's not the clearest, but it means the most. We had a heck of a time getting this house done, but it did get finished. And, this is what it's all about. It was built to be a place that could fit everyone. It definitely does that, and it feels so comfortable.

The final excitement of the day was Ella losing her other top tooth.

Monday, July 4

Fourth of July at the Beach

We headed to the beach with the kids for the 4th. First, we stopped at Steve's Marina for some yummy lunch. It was on the beach before Katrina. After the storm they relocated for a few years in Gulfport, but they just moved back. It was a wonderful surprise to us. It was a favorite of Mr. Buddy's. He would have loved that they are back on the water.

Kate... my goddaughter who is my handful of sweetness. I love that I am closer to her now and able to see her grow up. Her and Ella are the same age but such different children in so many wonderful ways.

As usual, Will was just crazy. He just kept doing flips in the ocean. NO FEAR!

Will and Scott (The Godfather)

Beach exhaustion...

Once we got back to the house the girls did an 'America' cheer that they had been working very hard on.

Will loves to make Mema laugh.

Relaxing in the hammock.

Saturday, July 2

Bay St. Louis July 4th Celebration

We headed down to Mema's for some July 4th fun. The Schwertners came with us too. We had so much fun. Our first day was the boat parade and neighborhood fun.

The girls all dressed for the parade.

Ella's festive nail art.

The girls in the boat parade throwing lots of goodies to Will. He loved watching them. Ella still does not like the heat of the South. Her quote while on the boat, "It's hot. I think I might be sweating."

Will hanging out with some cousins that he just met.. Zoe and Olivia.

The kids checking out the hot tub. It wasn't long until they were all in it.

Brian in his first game of Bouree.

The girls favorite spot at Mema's... the hammock.

Mema will get mad at this, but I snapped this when we got home from going out. Will was all snuggled up with her.