Saturday, January 29

Weekend in Dallas

We headed to Dallas this weekend to see Grandpa and Mamaw. Mamaw had heart surgery a couple of weeks ago, and it's taken the kids a couple of weeks to be over colds and stomach flu to be able to visit her. The weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were there. Unfortunately, I forgot to pull the camera out (I hate when I do that!) except for when we were at lunch with Rachel and Justin.

Here is a shot of Will and Em ...

Friday, January 28

Will at Little Gym

It's been a while since Will did any extra-curricular activities. I was horrified the last time we were at Gymboree as he tackled a sweet little girl, and I decided I was then done. However, Brian has insisted that it's time again. We checked out Little Gym. Daddy was right. He loved it and did great. I think it helps that once they turn 3 the parents are not back there with them. He did do great, but they already gave him the nickname 'Wildman Will'. I guess they know him already.

His teacher's name is Coach Jeff. He gave us a hard time for the Aggie t-shirt as he graduated from Texas Tech. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wear and Aggie shirt every week!

Thursday, January 27

Ella and Sarah

At Ella's school the Kindergartners are paired with 3rd graders as their Reading Buddies for the year. Ella was so lucky to get a fabulous Buddy that she just loves. Here are Sarah and Ella...

Monday, January 24

Museum of Natural Science

After being in the house for a few days due to Ella battling a stomach bug, we needed to get out. This morning after church we decided to head to the Museum of Natural Science. The kids had a blast. Ella loved the Science show and butterflies. Will liked watching the bees in the beehive and saying really loud that all of the insects were so gross. 

 They have a special IMAX movie this month about pirates. We did not go as we thought it might be a little scary for the kids. Ella was willing to pose with the pirate in the lobby. Will wanted nothing to do with him.

Ella has always loved dinosaurs. So, she wanted a picture with her favorite.. The Triceratops.

 If there was any game of electronic, Will just had to touch and try to figure it out. 

Ella loved all of the beautiful butterflies in the bowl. 

Will and Daddy very serious as they watch the bees go in and out of the beehive with pollen.

Just a few of the gorgeous butterflies

Will loved running around the beehive play area.

After the museum, we headed out to ride the train around Hermann Park and walk around a little bit. We had to wait for the train, and Will took him upon himself to be the entertainment. The more Ella laughed.. the more he performed. Here he was strutting with Mommy's sunglasses on.

Sunday, January 23

More from Will's Sunshine Reports

We really still get such a kick out of Will's Sunshine Reports. I really wish Ella had these at this age. So funny!

- Will was very imaginative today. This morning at the table he was feeding the bunny (game) and he had a whole conversation with the bunny...You like it?.. Yes, I like it.. Do you want some more?... Yes, please. Then, I asked him if the bunny liked the carrots, and he told me, "The bunny just eats it." Then, during circle time we read a book about hibernation, and Will was very excited to point out all the animals that he had seen before.

- Will was very talkative today. He was very inquisitive and always had a n answer to our questions. Ms. Chris was drinking tea and he was very curious. She told him what it was and he said, " I want to see that buckwheat tea!" Later he was carrying a suitcase around and said, "I am goin' bye-bye". Where are you going Will? "I am going to school."

- Will was very attentive and enthusiastic today. He sat next to me at lunch and was just happy. Everytime I was talking with someone else he walked to me and patted my and said, "Ms. Chris". I asked him is he wanted something. He just smiled at me. He just wanted my attention.

- Very smart. Phonics & Numbers. He recognizes numbers by sight and knows what goes next.

- Today Will had fun in the kitchen with Evelyn and Smith. They started cooking up a storm and Will said, "We can make pizza with out friends." Later, he was mixing something up on his own. I asked him what it was and he said, "milk". He also told Smith he needed to use the cleaner, which happened to be the iron that Smith was playing with. Smith let Will have it. Then, Will brought it right back and said, "Thank You."

Sunday, January 9

Nana's Birthday Celebration

Due to us being out of town and then several things happening after New Year's, we celebrated Nana's birthday a little late this year. Ella made a sign when she walked in, and we had a delicious ice cream cake.