Monday, August 30

Will's First Dentist Visit

This is one of the few times that I get to brag about how awesome my kids were at the same time! We went to the dentist today for routine cleaning etc. This was Will's first time. It is a miracle anyway that Ella loves the visit since she had such an awful first experience due to a mouth injury at a young age. But, it has never phased her. She loves going and laughs through getting her teeth cleaned. That being said, I just knew wild man would not be so easy. Well, I was wrong. Not only did he actually sit in the chair for more than 30 seconds, he let them take x-rays, clean, and fluoride. I was absolutely shocked! I am a very proud Mommy.

The Issue Strikes Again

Sunday morning Will and Daddy took a little ride to the Kriendlers to pick something up. On Monday, we got this email from Jason....

The Issue strikes again and we didn't even know it.  So when Lindsey gets home
she goes up to her room and comes down and asks me why her beta fish is on her
bed.  I immediately think, uh oh, Will dumped the fish out onto the bed!!!!
Luckily he just set the fish bowl on the bed and miraculously it did not spill.
But somehow he got a bunch of pink rocks out and had them all over.  Then he
found the almond extract fish bowl cleaner or something.  It was of course
empty.  I was a bit concerned that he poisoned himself until I read that it was
just some sort of extract and found a wet spot on the floor so I didn't call you
last night.  I hope he's still alive. (I looked in the instructions to make sure
there was no, "incase of ingestion, do blah blah blah")

So Lindsey gets home sees all of this and gets MAD. She starts crying and
tells Brandi she has to go to the store and  get more of this bowl cleaner.
Luckily Will didn't find Lauren's so we divert that disaster.  Then, through big
teary eyes she tells me next time Will is over to lock her door.  LOL

Of course, I was horrified. Poor sweet Lindsey has already been traumatized by seeing Will cut Ella's head open and went through that ordeal with us. Nevertheless, I think she is very thankful to have a SISTER!

To top it off, when I picked Will up from his first day of school this is what I walked into...

Sunday, August 29


This week was absolutely exhausting. But, there are definitely some things that I don't want to forget...

- Ella is very proud to be a Kindergartner and has already made lots of friends. She already thinks she knows how everything works. She came home the first day and said...
       "You know I need money to get lunch at school. Right?"

   Ella..."So, I need money."
   Me..."Ella, you brought lunch today and will again tomorrow.  I have looked at the menu, and I know you are not going to eat there until Wednesday. So, I am going to give money to your teacher at the Open House. You will then have money in your account."
   Ella..."Ok. Don't forget."

Seriously. She's 5 going on 35.

- We laughed at the Open House. Ella's teacher, Mrs.Perry, talked about how VERY ready they are to learn everything all at once. They asked the first day.."When are we doing Science?" She told them not to worry and slow down. She assured them that they will have time to get to everything.

- Brian's Uncle Tommy (aka Big T) passed away this week after a long battle with Parkinson's. I consider myself very blessed to have married into such a wonderful family, and Big T was definitely once of the most welcoming people that I have ever met. He was always so wonderful to my family. My Mom and I talked about that this week. Furthermore, I know he was one of the men in Brian's life that taught him to be such a wonderful husband and father. For that, I am very grateful.

- We also had our third Dinner Club this week. It was hosted by the Kriendler's. Jason had his own Green Chile Festival. It was very yummy!


The kids both had their first homework this weekend. Some fun projects....

Ella had a 'Brown Bag' project. It was a chance for the class to get to know each other better. They were each given a brown bag and were told to fill them with things that represented 5 different topics. Ella did not have any trouble coming up with hers..

- You family... She took an easy route on this one and brought a family picture.
- Something you love.. She originally thought of Ruby. Of course, my eyes watered to that. However, she decided that she loves dance too. So, she brought a ballet shoe.
- Something you dislike... She wanted to bring Will's saw that he threw and busted her head with, but that wouldn't fit. She decided to bring his Handy Manny hammer since it reminded her of that.
- Something you are proud of... Ella said she's very proud to be a Kindergartner. So, she brought her 'Welcome to Kindergarten" certificate that they got last week.
- Something that reminds you of your Summer vacation.. Ella immediately thought of catching minnows in the Frio River. So, she brought a little toy fish to tell that story.

At Will's 'Meet the Teacher' the kids  were given a piece of construction paper and asked to fill it with things about them. Ella did this same project when she entered preschool. So, it was a year later but the same idea.

It reminded me of doing this in 2008.                      

Thursday, August 26


This week Will started Soccertots. It's been a while since Will did an organized activity as Gymboree ended with him being absolutely wild and embarassing me. Will has always been very good with motor skills. So, we went for a more physical activity this time. He wasn't so good at following what the class was doing, but it seemed to go ok.

Tuesday, August 24

Ella's First Schoolbus Ride

Eventhough we live within just over 2 blocks from the school, they run the bus. I had planned on us walking to school. However, Ella's favorite girls across the street, Lauren and Cate, ride the bus. So, Ella just had to do the same, and since 'the issue' is usually in full force in the mornings it's actually easier.

(Excuse the fuzz.. It's the awful humidity today!)

Monday, August 23

Ella's First Day of Kindergarten

I am not sure what has happened, but my little baby girl started Kindergarten today. She has grown up so fast. We went through all of this cuteness...

And today there was this..

We are so very proud of our Ella. She loves school and loves making friends. She's very excited and ready for Kindergarten.

Yes, Mommy left the school and cried just like I did the first day that I send her to preschool. But, I still to this day thank her first teacher, Teacher Kim. She was so wonderful for Ella and showed her how wonderful school could be. She also taught me that my Ella would never forget about her Mommy either. Here is my smiling girl running to me after school. Then, we went to get some ice cream, and Ella got a pillow pet. She has begged for this FOREVER!

Friday, August 20

End of Summer...Crazy Week!

My plan was for this week to be calm and slowly get the kids in the school routine. My plan was trashed as Ella sliced the bottom of her foot open on Tuesday morning on a piece of glass. Here she is with her purple popsicle once all was done and after she had screamed so loud that all of Texas heard her!

And, Mema sent flowers. (Ugh!) Mema feels Ella's pain. Ella is following in her footsteps of having a ridiculous amount of injuries as a child!

On Thursday, we headed back to the ER. Ella fell a busted 3 stitches. What a week!

Monday, August 16

Visit from Mamaw and Grandpa

I have to say that this is the time of year that I miss Oregon ... A LOT. That heat has been insane. However, I think my southern blood has finally gotten used to it. (Having a pool helps a lot!)

Even though we miss heavenly Portland, the kids being able to see family much more often is awesome. We love the fact that we have all of the grandparents in driving distance. We love the fact that the kids know all of their cousins and will be able to spend holidays with them. ( I say all of this, and we have never owned a house much longer than 2 years. So, I am sure we will know be moving this time next year! HA...Ugh!)

Anyway, we had Mamaw and Grandpa down again this weekend. Ella loves keeping Mamaw busy with projects and coloring. She always has a plan. Will bonded with Grandpa a lot as he learned that Grandpa would give him as many donut holes as he asked for.

Sunday, August 8


I have a lot of panic moments with Will. So, this was really a small one in the grand scheme of things. Today Will went down for his nap very well after swimming. A little while later I went to check on him. I heard him breathing heavy so I knew it was safe to come in. I went in, and the bed was empty. My heart dropped a little. I got closer to just make sure he wasn't wrapped in the blanket. Still nothing. I looked behind the door. Still nothing. I looked a little more, and there he was in the corner of his room on the side of the bed...

Playing Wild with Daddy

We had a semi-calm weekend here this weekend, and it was much needed! We had a lot of pool time which means the kids went to bed VERY easy, and Ella worked on cannon balls and jumping off Daddy's shoulders. It's just amazing how much her swimming has progressed this summer.

(No idea why Will has his Crocs on?!?!?)

Saturday, August 7

She's a Piece of Work!

We were invited to a bowling party for our cousin Taylor, and  I actually convinced Ella to wear shorts... that's a HUGE feat! She looked adorable in them, and I told her I wanted to take a picture. This is the model pose that I got.

Friday, August 6

A Visit from Taylor and Travis

Our cousins that live in Pasadena came and spent the night this week. We all really loved having them here and hope to do it more often.

Taylor, Ella and Margaret Ann

Travis playing with Will.

A Week With Annie Dog

This past week we were asked to dog sit for the Kriendlers. We have known Annie (aka Annie Dog) since before Brian and I were married. She is a wonderful black lab, and we really enjoyed having her around. Lauren was very concerned about us taking care of her, but let's just say that she was VERY well taken care of...

Will harassing Annie one morning. She didn't care at all. She would just lick him as she knew it would be no time before she would be getting one of the 2 million goldfish that she was fed over the course of the week from him. Then, there's Ella who thought that Annie needed popcorn just like her while watching a movie.

Annie relaxing in the pool ... something she doesn't get to do at home! (Excuse the blur. The camera was adjusting to the INSANE heat.)