Sunday, August 29


This week was absolutely exhausting. But, there are definitely some things that I don't want to forget...

- Ella is very proud to be a Kindergartner and has already made lots of friends. She already thinks she knows how everything works. She came home the first day and said...
       "You know I need money to get lunch at school. Right?"

   Ella..."So, I need money."
   Me..."Ella, you brought lunch today and will again tomorrow.  I have looked at the menu, and I know you are not going to eat there until Wednesday. So, I am going to give money to your teacher at the Open House. You will then have money in your account."
   Ella..."Ok. Don't forget."

Seriously. She's 5 going on 35.

- We laughed at the Open House. Ella's teacher, Mrs.Perry, talked about how VERY ready they are to learn everything all at once. They asked the first day.."When are we doing Science?" She told them not to worry and slow down. She assured them that they will have time to get to everything.

- Brian's Uncle Tommy (aka Big T) passed away this week after a long battle with Parkinson's. I consider myself very blessed to have married into such a wonderful family, and Big T was definitely once of the most welcoming people that I have ever met. He was always so wonderful to my family. My Mom and I talked about that this week. Furthermore, I know he was one of the men in Brian's life that taught him to be such a wonderful husband and father. For that, I am very grateful.

- We also had our third Dinner Club this week. It was hosted by the Kriendler's. Jason had his own Green Chile Festival. It was very yummy!

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