Thursday, December 30

New Year's on the Coast

We headed to Mema's house the on Monday after Christmas. The kids love their Mema. Will loves making Mema laugh.. and it works! He's just crazy.

We went down the coast to Ocean Springs one day to eat and shop. On the way back, Will was very tired and fighting going to sleep. Mema suggested playing the quiet game. We knew that if it was quiet Will would finally crash. It was quiet for about a minute. Then, Will growled very loudly, " I WANT TO PLAY THE LOUD GAME." Of course, we all broke out laughing. 

We also painted pottery while we there. The kids had a blast. However, the kiln at the pottery place got overheated and melted our pieces. We were disappointed especially since it was Will's first time and he did an adorable rocket piggy bank.

Once our cousins got in from Florida, the girls went to get manicures and pedicures. Ashlyn and Ella had a blast.

Sunday, December 26

Our Baby is 3

What happened? Just yesterday I remember this...

Now, we have a VERY energetic 3 year old boy. You are the sweetest and craziest little man. You have added so much joy to our lives. You love making us laugh as much as possible.

Will got lots of great presents such as bristle blocks, warm PJs, a Cars scooter and helmet and sandboxes. He was a happy boy!

Saturday, December 25

Christmas 2010

We're ready...

However, someone didn't want to wake up...

We got the snuggle bug up anyway on this cold Christmas morning. He wasn't quite sure what the heck we were doing. He even refused to go in the living room with Ella at first.

He quickly began to understand why he was up, and there was lots of happiness in the Davison house.

After we opened presents, we got ready and went and had a fabulous Christmas lunch at Brian's Aunt and Uncle's house.

Friday, December 24

Relfie the Elfie

I have seen The Elf on the Shelf for a few years now, but this is the first year that I thought to get it in time. I am kind of glad that I waited as Ella was old enough to be SO into it. He appeared at the house one day with his book when Ella got home from school. We read the book, and Ella was ready to name him and get it started. She named his Relfie the Elfie. She LOVED to run out in the morning and see where he would appear. Relfie loved to sit on top of lamps, hang on pictures and sit on random objects. On Christmas Eve he showed up on the tree for his last night with us. We can't wait to see Relfie again next year.

Christmas Eve

Mamaw and Grandpa came in town last night. The kids love having them here. We got some final errands done and went to eat with Brian's family at Pappasito's for dinner. A huge rainstorm came while we were at dinner. Winter decided to arrive just in time for Christmas. When we got home, the kids opened our traditional Christmas Eve present... Christmas PJs.

Ella is our hot-natured child. She does NOT like to sleep in long sleeves. So, I got to hear the drama of how she wasn't going to sleep since she was sooooo hot. (We keep our house at 68 degrees at night). However, I convinced her to stay in the cute PJs. Brian was laughing at her as she had the pant legs and sleeves pushed all the way up when she went to bed.  On the other hand, Will (aka My Snuggle Bug) got his first pair of footed pajamas. He loves them!

Thursday, December 23

Holiday Silliness

Lots of laughs over the holidays, but you can rarely grab the camera to get it. Both of them getting along and laughing hysterically...

Tuesday, December 21

A new holiday tradition?.. I think so!

I insisted on taking my godchild Kate and her big sister Meghan for a night over the holidays. They are true angels, and we all love having them around. We made jewelry, salt water dough ornaments, went to see Christmas lights and had a great time.  I can't wait to do it again next year!

Will refused to smile..big surprise. He was ready to play with the dough. 

The kids loved this house. Lights were EVERYWHERE.

We walked around the display at Westside Tennis Club. (Yes, Ella is in a tank top. It was ridiculously warm for December. Welcome to Texas!)

Just like at Lights in the Heights Will insisted on holding Meghan's hand. Precious.

All in PJs and dress up clothes at 10am. They had already had a dance party in Ella's room. Now, they were having a tea party. Ella is quite the hostess.

Santa Visit 2010

Ella was excited to go visit Santa as usual. Will was a little hesitant, but as long as Ella was doing it he was in. He finally gave us a smile after refusing because he insisted on wanting to hold the ugly squeaky chicken they were using.

Saturday, December 18

Nutcracker 2010

This is our third time to see the Nutcracker. Ella absolutely loves it. We went to Allegro ballet's performance again this year. We love the fact that you can get pictures with the cast afterwards. Her ballet teacher from last year, Mrs. Carla is a part of that company. So, Ella loves to see her.

Ella was so happy to get pictures with Clara and the Sugarplum Fairy.

Friday, December 17

Robison Christmas

Eleven years ago we went with a large group of friends to witness the first Robison Family Christmas. It was Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis, Charlie Robison and two of the Dixie Chicks. It was a fabulous show. Now it's just Bruce and Kelly that have continued the tradition. This year it was at the House of Blues. We prefer the Mucky Duck, but we still enjoyed the show.

Ella's Class Party

Today was Ella's Kindergarten class party. The kids had pizza and cookies, did a craft and played a winter themed bingo. They were all so excited about the holidays.

Monday, December 13

Will's Preschool Christmas Party

Will was all ready for his class party today. Of course, he had a little attitude in the morning. Can't you tell?

As usual, he ran into school. When he saw that they were making a gingerbread house he was SO excited.

Sunday, December 12

Birthday Dinner

We went to Chuy's for lunch while Mema was here thinking Ella could get sung to for her birthday as she REALLY wanted that. However, we were disappointed to find out that they do not sing there. So, we went back out to eat in the evening to make it happen. She was glowing.

A Great Weekend with Mema

My kids are very lucky that all of their grandparents are all absolutely incredible. They were thrilled this weekend to have Mema here. They order her around and love on her like crazy.

Saturday, December 11

Ella's Winter Wonderland Party

A Winter Wonderland Party in Houston... Ha. It was 75 degress. So, the good news was that we could do everything outside. We made snowglobes, decorated cupcakes and had a snowflake pinata. It was chaos, but the kids had fun.

After the party, we headed to Lights in the Heights with the Schwertners. We walked around and had a blast. The kids loved getting up on the Daddy's shoulders.

My sweet little man insisted on holding Meghan's hand the whole time.