Tuesday, December 21

A new holiday tradition?.. I think so!

I insisted on taking my godchild Kate and her big sister Meghan for a night over the holidays. They are true angels, and we all love having them around. We made jewelry, salt water dough ornaments, went to see Christmas lights and had a great time.  I can't wait to do it again next year!

Will refused to smile..big surprise. He was ready to play with the dough. 

The kids loved this house. Lights were EVERYWHERE.

We walked around the display at Westside Tennis Club. (Yes, Ella is in a tank top. It was ridiculously warm for December. Welcome to Texas!)

Just like at Lights in the Heights Will insisted on holding Meghan's hand. Precious.

All in PJs and dress up clothes at 10am. They had already had a dance party in Ella's room. Now, they were having a tea party. Ella is quite the hostess.

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