Thursday, December 30

New Year's on the Coast

We headed to Mema's house the on Monday after Christmas. The kids love their Mema. Will loves making Mema laugh.. and it works! He's just crazy.

We went down the coast to Ocean Springs one day to eat and shop. On the way back, Will was very tired and fighting going to sleep. Mema suggested playing the quiet game. We knew that if it was quiet Will would finally crash. It was quiet for about a minute. Then, Will growled very loudly, " I WANT TO PLAY THE LOUD GAME." Of course, we all broke out laughing. 

We also painted pottery while we there. The kids had a blast. However, the kiln at the pottery place got overheated and melted our pieces. We were disappointed especially since it was Will's first time and he did an adorable rocket piggy bank.

Once our cousins got in from Florida, the girls went to get manicures and pedicures. Ashlyn and Ella had a blast.

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