Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Mamaw and Grandpa came in town last night. The kids love having them here. We got some final errands done and went to eat with Brian's family at Pappasito's for dinner. A huge rainstorm came while we were at dinner. Winter decided to arrive just in time for Christmas. When we got home, the kids opened our traditional Christmas Eve present... Christmas PJs.

Ella is our hot-natured child. She does NOT like to sleep in long sleeves. So, I got to hear the drama of how she wasn't going to sleep since she was sooooo hot. (We keep our house at 68 degrees at night). However, I convinced her to stay in the cute PJs. Brian was laughing at her as she had the pant legs and sleeves pushed all the way up when she went to bed.  On the other hand, Will (aka My Snuggle Bug) got his first pair of footed pajamas. He loves them!

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