Sunday, August 29


The kids both had their first homework this weekend. Some fun projects....

Ella had a 'Brown Bag' project. It was a chance for the class to get to know each other better. They were each given a brown bag and were told to fill them with things that represented 5 different topics. Ella did not have any trouble coming up with hers..

- You family... She took an easy route on this one and brought a family picture.
- Something you love.. She originally thought of Ruby. Of course, my eyes watered to that. However, she decided that she loves dance too. So, she brought a ballet shoe.
- Something you dislike... She wanted to bring Will's saw that he threw and busted her head with, but that wouldn't fit. She decided to bring his Handy Manny hammer since it reminded her of that.
- Something you are proud of... Ella said she's very proud to be a Kindergartner. So, she brought her 'Welcome to Kindergarten" certificate that they got last week.
- Something that reminds you of your Summer vacation.. Ella immediately thought of catching minnows in the Frio River. So, she brought a little toy fish to tell that story.

At Will's 'Meet the Teacher' the kids  were given a piece of construction paper and asked to fill it with things about them. Ella did this same project when she entered preschool. So, it was a year later but the same idea.

It reminded me of doing this in 2008.                      

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