Thursday, May 20

Last Day of Swim Lessons

Since we have a pool it was a must that kids in a good swim class. I was so lucky to hear about Mrs. Buie from a school friend of Ella's. Mrs. Buie has been teaching for 20+ years. We knew that Ella just needed a stern push, and that is exactly what Mrs. Buie gave her. Ella still has a little work to do, but she has the confidence and the fear is gone! She has come so far.

Then, there is Will. We knew fear was not an issue last year, but we were concerned that there was going to be a little fear this year. A few 2 1/2 year olds that were going through lessons were struggling as they were hitting some fear issues. NOT WILL! He was amazing. No, he's not swimming totally by himself yet, but Mrs. Buie was amazed at his breathing. He very rarely chokes and can hold his breath crazy long. I guess that swimmers blood from his namesake may come out afterall.

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