Wednesday, December 7

Ella's 7th Birthday

Ella was so excited this morning. She LOVED the balloons on the door. I think we've started a new tradition with that. It went over really well. Also, she loved the balloons and streamers on her chair on her stool in the kitchen surrounded by presents.

Ella was begging for a Password Journal.
 Apparently 7 year olds have lots of things that they need to keep secret.

 She got a new Nutcracker and outfit from Mema.

She got a gingerbread house shirt from Grandpa and Mamaw.

Ella in her birthday outfit...ready for school!

I went to school and brought lunch for Ella. Then, we brought donuts for the class. Ella's favorite.

We headed to Carrabba's for dinner. Ella loves spaghetti. They sang Happy Birthday in Italian. She loved it.

We came home her favorite cake. Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip.

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