Friday, August 12

Blue Bell

We headed to Austin today for our annual Lake Travis trip. However, we were able to get out of town early and surprise the kids with a trip to Blue Bell.

First, we stopped for some yummy Chappell Hill. Ella loved it. Sausage, green beans and buttered roll. What else could you ask for?

The normal joy of eating out with Will. He did eat decent, but then he discovered pickles. He decided he wanted more of those. He's very strange about food.

This is natural PURE JOY for all 3 of my children. They were very excited.

The tour was great. Then, we were treated to a free scoop of ice cream. Ella ordered mint chocolate chip. Will got vanilla. Brian got buttered pecan. And, I got a seasonal special.. homeade vanilla with fresh Texas peaches. Mine was FABULOUS! Brian agreed.

Guess who did NOT want to take a picture?

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