Monday, February 15

Valentine's Weekend... very busy!

Saturday morning we had a birthday party at the Children's Museum for Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn's Mom, Vanessa, was introduced to me by Sarah Sheedy. Vanessa is the one that told us about Chapelwood, Ella's school, and she has become a great friend. Jacquelyn turned 3, and we had a great time.

Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner with my Dad and Stepmother at Railroad Cafe in Humble. The food was fabulous, and we had a great time. My parents even bought me tulips.. my absolute favorite. Therefore, Brian didn't need to get me any. He can go next week and get some... HA! We were also surprised this weekend when our  Amaryllis that we planted for Christmas finally opened up. 


For Valentine's Day, Daddy also surprised us with a crepe pan and kit. He was worried that I would take this the wrong way, but it was a great gift. I love new kitchen stuff like this and hate to buy them myself. I am getting pretty good at it already. Here are some apricot crepes that I made. Also, here is Ella with her new Scooby-doo movie and coloring book.

On Sunday we had another birthday party. The party was for Lindsey (6) and Lauren (8) Kriendler. It was at a roller skating rink. Ella had never been to one before and loved it! Will did too. Will got to run around, dance, and get carried by Daddy skating. 

On the way there I had an awful headache from drinking too much wine the night before. The sun was so bright, and I was getting frustrated from not being able to find my sunglasses. I looked in the back seat and saw this...

Pictures from the party...



Ella has really been helping us work with Will on his vocabulary. During their bath, she says, "Will can you say  eyes?" And, he says whatever she asks. She goes through several things. Then, I hear her giggling, and she says, "Will can you say booty?" He says it, and she laughs uncontrollably. So, this morning we had to take Daddy to work, and Brian told her how proud we were for helping us with Will's vocabulary. I said, "I just wish that you didn't have to say 'booty' every other time. Ella is always quick to answer, and without hesitation she said, "Well, we were working on body parts." Ugh! I had no answer.

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