Wednesday, September 15

9 years ago today...

Nine years ago today, Brian and I got married. It was the week of September 11th. It was a crazy week. But,  everyone had a great time at the reception. To say the least, it was so nice to be together with those you loved and cared about after a week like that.

Things I remember...
  - Brian and I had just finished redoing our house that had been flooded by Tropical Storm Allison one week after we bought it in June. We were so tired of dealing with it. 
  - Rehearsal dinner at Treebeards. It was perfect.
  - Got a call the morning of the wedding that the photographer was in the hospital. One of her other photographers was going to be there. She said, "So, what exactly are we doing today?". I freaked!
  - Julie picked me up the morning of the wedding. We went to lunch at Jason's Deli quickly before getting pampered.
  - Had the wedding of my dreams.
  - The Hollisters played at the reception.
  - The night of our wedding Brian was told to keep calling to make sure that our plane was going to fly as scheduled to Aruba. So, Brian and Bryan Satterfield stayed up all night drinking Shiner. I was exhausted and slept!
  - We did get to Aruba just fine the next day. Had the flight and the island almost totally free of tourists. Had a great week there!

3 states, several houses, several corporate apartments, 1 great dog, and 2 pretty cute kids later... I love Brian even more today! I can't believe it's been 9 years.

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