Sunday, November 21

Disney.. Day 4

On our last full day we went to Animal Kingdom. It was nice change of environment and a lot of fun. Ella was so ready to go through Dinoland. Ella, Ashlyn, Shannan and I went on the Dinosaur ride. It was very dark and loud. At one point I was worried about Ella being scared. It was so dark that I couldn't see her eventhough she was right next to me. I grabbed her leg to make sure she knew that I was right there. However, when I could see her again she said, "I loved that!". I was shocked.

We had lots of fun in Animal Kingdom. We saw the wonderful afternoon parade. Then, we went back to the hotel for a bit to attempt to get some rest. For the evening, we headed to Magic Kingdom to see the Light Parade and fireworks. It was spectacular and a great finish to our trip.

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