Wednesday, November 10

Beautiful Backyard

Our backyard hasn't been the prettiest lately. We have some wonderful trees on our lot, but they cause several spots to have light issues. Therefore, some plants just can't make it. I have talked to MANY companies about what to do, but I finally found Mari Graham. She had great ideas and was very reasonable.

The bed outside the back door looks soooo much better!

Gorgeous new vine and pot. A couple more pots with plants will be added.

The vine on the fence was trimmed back so that it will grow back in the pattern that it should be in. Gravel was put down in the area that grass would not grown in. We hope to put up a fence at some point on this side of the pool equipment.

Ella and I plan to get pots and grow herbs here. Brian seems to think that is funny and will never happen. Therefore, we are determined, and it will DEFINITELY happen!

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