Wednesday, October 13

And just like that, all is right with the world again.

It was a rough sports weekend in the Davison house. Daddy's beloved Rangers are in the playoffs. They had won the first 2 games of the series last week, but then lost 2 in a row this weekend. Last night was their last chance. The tension was high. Daddy was nervous just as he has been for every game, but Mommy actually got a stomach ache too. I understand that Brian absolutely loves baseball and the Rangers. We have lived all over this country and have purchased baseball packages for Brian to continue to follow his team. However, the Rangers do not have the best history.

So, last night we got the kids to bed and began to watch the game. I was even ridiculously superstitious and felt that I couldn't leave a certain spot on the couch. Good things seemed to happen when I was there. What has Brian done to me?!?! Ella even snuck out to check on the game and cheer. Also, when she sat with Daddy and cheered good things happened. I thought Brian was going to keep her up for good luck. Thank goodness she finally went to bed.

They did win and all is right with the world again! Now, we have to beat the Yankees. Ugh!

This is what I found this morning... Will on the kitchen counter screaming, "LET'S GO RANGERS!".

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