Tuesday, June 1


When Will gets in trouble he always seems to get hurt too. We are all onto his little scam....
   Will, "Hurt. Hurt. Hurt. I cry. Hurt"
   Ella, "Will, you are not hurt, and I am NOT kissing it."

Today in the pool I was trying something on Will. Ella was at the side of the pool about to do one her thousands of tricks or performances...
     Ella kept saying, "Mommy Mommy are you ready? Mommy Mommy are you ready? Mommy Mommy"
     I finally said, "Ella, do I look like I am ready? Does it look like I can see you?"
     She said, "Yes"
     I said, "Ella, my back is to you. How can I possibly see you?"
     She said, "You have eyes in the back of your head. That's what you told me once.".
     ( She NEVER forgets a thing!)

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