Saturday, April 3

More Easter Fun

We were blessed with another remarkable weather day for Easter weekend. I got some flowers planted in pots... with a little help from Ella. However, please understand that Ella does not like to get dirty. Therefore, she is so excited about planting flowers, but every 2 seconds she tells me that she really needs to clean off her hands, feet, whatever because they are dirty. It's a very frustrating process!

After flower planting, the hose was on. You can guess what happened next. Before I knew it, both kids were wet and having a blast. Will got stripped down and was super happy about that. Ella had to get a swimsuit on (such a little lady) and was ready for the pool.




Lastly, we dyed Easter eggs. They came out really cute.

Ella and Daddy ended the day by going for a fun bike ride. 

In the evening, the Easter bunny came...

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